10 Best Voice Changer in 2024 (Accurate and Safe)

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Voice changers have gained popularity within a short time, especially in the current dynamic technological world. Since New Year's Eve in 2024, AI voice change has not just survived but increased. The question arises: Why are AI voice changers so popular these days? The answer is found in the collaboration of expressions and interactions among humans. Free AI voice changers are in demand for gaming purposes as well as for having fun over a call with your family and friends. Nonetheless, the problem arises: which AI voice changer should be opted for? This informative piece provides you with guidance about different free voice changers so you can select the best one.


What Key Features of Voice Changers Should We Notice?

- Accuracy and Realism

- Diverse Voice Options

- Customization Control

- Real-Time Processing

- Compatibility Across Platforms

- Security and Privacy Features

- User-Friendly Interface

- Resource Efficiency


How to Choose the Best Voice Changer in 2024?


1. HitPaw Voice Changer


HitPaw Voice Changer is a free AI real-time voice changer designed for gamers, content creators, and virtual broadcasters. With state-of-the-art AI magic effects and a massive collection of celebrity voices, it turns your audio and video files effortlessly.


Key Features:

- Windows (Required Nvidia 4G and AMD 6G) live AI voice changer.

- Mac Version for Voice Changing available

- Celebrity AI voice generator with the likes of Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Minions and Alien, etc.

- Unique AI covers of popular songs through the use of AI Cover.

- A constantly changing soundboard for Discord, Twitch, YouTube, and other platforms.

- Personalizable voices for Zoom, Skype, Discord, and Google Meet.

- Voice changer for popular games with configurable hotkeys.

- Royalty-free music generator.



- Various celebrity voices and AI songs.

- Real-time voice modulation can be used on different platforms.

- User-friendly interface and personalized shortcut keys.



- Limited platform support (Windows and Mac only).

- Limited Free Trial Version

Overall Rating: 4.5/5


2. Fake You


Fake You Voice Changer provides a fully comprehensive AI toolset, ranging from the creation of artificial music all the way to text-to-speech and voice conversion. Immerse yourself in the world of deepfake technology and bring your favourite characters to life, articulating anything you wish.


Key Features:

- AI Music composition.

- TTS for the audio text conversion.

- Speaking in different voices through voice conversion.

- Voice Designer, creating customizable AI voice.

- Face Animator to animate faces using audio.



- Versatile AI tools.

- Conversion to favorite character voices should be easy.



- Limited details on specific functionalities.

- Possible complexity in voice customization.

Overall Rating: 4.2/5


3. EaseUS VoiceWave 


Real-time AI voice changer EaseUS VoiceWave transforms online chat gigs. Being able to harmonize with a variety of platforms and games enables the user to make his/her voice radically transformable for interactivity in gaming as well as live streaming.


Key Features:

- A real-time voice changer for online chat.

- Audio recorder with MP3 export.

- 300+ sound presets on the Soundboard.

- Improved sound quality from a noise reducer.

- A blended vocal track audio mixer.

- 100+ popular voice effects.



- Free download available.

- Supports 200+ online games.

- Substantial library of sound effects.



- Limited voice cloning options.

- A subscription is required for all advanced features.

Overall Rating: 4.3/5


4. MorphVOX


Voice changing reaches new levels with MorphVOX, which has cutting-edge technology, more efficient voice training, and unparalleled sound quality. This downloadable software is particularly beneficial for online games and chat, as it includes a variety of voice options, sound packs, and backgrounds to improve the modification process.


Key Features:

- Multiple free speaking for various voice combinations.

- Free sound packs for a personalized audio board.

- Backgrounds to add immersive ambiance.

- Ultra-quiet background cancellation.

- It was fully optimized for online games with different character voices.



- Superior voice-changing quality.

- Live vocal visualization of an intuitive interface.

- Low bandwidth and CPU usage.



- Paid software ($39.99).

- Voice results may vary.

- Expensive

- Some technical skills required

Overall Rating: 4.3/5


5. Voice.AI


Voice.ai provides a state-of-the-art real-time AI voice-changing technology that has changed the world of net communication and the creation of content in many ways. Immerse yourselves in an expansive collection of realistic AI voices, open up innovative doors, and translate your voice with ease from one application to another.


Key Features:

- AI live voice changer for multiple applications.

- There are many free voices at hand.

- Custom voice cloning technology.

- Unique audio clips soundboards.

- It is compatible with common games and tools.



- Realistic and diverse AI voices.

- Easy setup and high performance.

- Voice cloning for personalized creations.



- Some may have a learning curve attached to them.

- Paid Features are better

- Costly

Overall Rating: 4.3/5


6. Voicemod


Voicemod, a top free PC voice changer software, helps you change the sound of your in-game and live broadcasting voices as they occur. It is a great choice for YouTubers and content creators because it has an enormous library of over 150 epic voices that suit the most popular games and communication software.


Key Features:

- Free voice changer for a variety of games and applications.

- More than 150 Voice effects for creative voice alteration.

- Easy plug-and-play with high sound quality.

- Perfect for YouTubers, gamers, and content developers.

- New voices and features regular updates.



- User-friendly setup and integration.

- Customizable with a wide variety of voice effects.

- Works with well-known gaming and streaming platforms.



- User learning curve for those who use voice changers from the very first time.

- Limited information on trial duration.

Overall Rating: 4.1/5


7. Lovo AI


An award-winning text-to-speech system is utilized by one of the most popular AI voice generators – LOVOAI, which has over 500 voices covering more than a hundred languages. This tool performs very well with over one million users who utilize it to create impressive videos for marketing or even learning, gaming, and so much more. 


Key Features:

- More than 500 voices in over one hundred languages for different content creation.

- Genny AI tool: Script writing features, voice cloning, and image generative facilities.

- Natural language processing voice generator by artificial intelligence.

- It is relied upon by leading partners such as Forbes, BBC Radio 4, and Stanford.

- Instant voice-cloning that is unlimited, using only 10 seconds of audio.



- Wide range of voices in various languages.

- The AI components provided in Genny simplify video production.

- Acknowledgment from reputed partners makes a company credible.



- New users have to learn Genny's functions.

- Only a little information is given on their website to guide new users.

- Technical knowledge is required.

Overall Rating:3.9


8. Filmora Voice Changer


Filmora Voice Changer offers an incredibly user-friendly video editing environment that has numerous powerful AI tools, preset previews, and a rich stock resources database.


Key Features:

- Cross-Platform Compatibility

- AI Thumbnail Editor

- Dynamic Text Animations



- A friendly interface will make video editing convenient and fast.

- Varieties of AI tools improve creativity and efficiency.

- The ease of sharing is enhanced by compatibility with major social media platforms.



- Lack of detailed information about AI tool depth and customization ability.

- Adoption challenge for new users to AI-driven editing.

Overall Rating: 4.0/5


9. Murf AI


Murf AI Voice Changer revolutionizes voiceovers, offering innovative technology with artificial intelligence that ensures high-quality voices and transforms home recordings into professional ones. There, Murf's AI technology creates supreme quality voiceovers without any high-end equipment or need for a peaceful location.


Key Features:

- Open Studio

- Studio Quality Voiceovers

- Background Noise Elimination

- Voice Transcription and Editing

- Choose from 120+ AI Voices



- User-friendly Studio

- Versatile Applications

- Customization Options



- Limited Information on AI Library

- Learning Curve Required

Overall Rating: 4.2/5


10. AudioDirector 365


CyberLink AudioDirector is still impressive, relying on state-of-the-art AI tools for separating audio elements and allowing control to both beginners and experts in recording. The first manual/auto option is for the skilled user, but some functions may work by chance only, and reverting to manual is sometimes necessary.



- AI Tools

- Enhancement Processor.

- Smart Learning Tools

- AI Speech Enhancement



- Integrates with Creative Apps

- Powerful AI Tools

- Free Online Audio Editor



- PC Only

- Learning Curve:

- Tutorial-Style Instructions

- Challenges in Noise Removal

Overall Score: 4.1/5


Easy Steps to Start with the Best Voice Changer


1. Input and Output Settings


2. Choose "HitPaw Virtual Audio Input"


3. Select Voice and Sound Effects



After a thorough analysis of Voice Changers, various alternatives for the users' needs were discovered. Lovo.AI has a potent AI voice generator, and Filmora's Voice Changer inspires creativity in video making. Murf AI does well with its open studio for professional voiceovers centered on usability. Also, AudioDirector 365 by CyberLink boasts impressive AI tools for audio editing. HitPaw Voice Changer, however, is shown to be a quality option entirely based on convenient settings and virtual input through an abundance of effects. Regarding a portable and easy-to-use voice conversion product, HitPaw Voice Changer is no doubt the best choice.

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