10 Interesting Facts about Yellowstone

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Yellowstone National Park is one of the most famous and well-maintained parks in the world, famous for its benefits to both the locals and the tens of thousands of tourists that visit it every year. Whether it’s incredible history, beautiful nature, or great fishing spots, there are a lot of things that this park provides, so keep reading to learn more.


1. Its Age

Yellowstone Park is well-known and respected for its age, but what many people don't know is that it's the oldest national park in the United States, and all of the things you see inside of it, ranging from the wildlife to the trees and the pristine litter-free ground is all thanks to meticulous upkeep and efforts that have spanned literal decades to make sure people of countless generations have been able to enjoy it.


2. The Nearby Volcano

The dormant volcano that forms the base of the park is called the Yellowstone Caldera, and it's classified as a supervolcano thanks to its sheer size and the amount of lava it stored at one point, which is a fact that's more scary than fun. Luckily, the volcano is extinct, which means there's little to no risk of it ever erupting again, and, thanks to that fact, geysers and other natural features have been able to arise throughout the park.


3. The Number of Geysers

As previously mentioned, the presence of the Caldera has ensured that there are an incredible amount of geysers in this park, which is perfect for visitors hoping to get access to a natural sauna, and maybe even swim off the sweat in a nearby stream. However, the sheer number of geysers here is quite surprising since over half of all the geysers found on Earth are actually found in Yellowstone.


4. Wildlife

The wildlife in Yellowstone have been nourished and left to their own devices ever since the park was declared a national park in the 19th century, which leaves it as one of the greatest places to go to visit animals in their natural habitat, completely undisturbed by humanity, and, here, you'll find incredible variety, from wolves and bears to more harmless creatures like birds.


5. The Fishing Experience

This park is a hub for avid anglers from all over the world, especially since Yellowstone river fly fishing is one of the greatest fishing experiences you could have in any place on Earth. Every visitor must have a permit and needs to fish sustainably, which is great for the environment and for other anglers since you'll find there's always an incredible amount of fish present in the water; more than enough for everyone.


6. Yellowstone Lake

Just as there's a massive river in the park, there's a massive lake that has served as the main attraction for all kinds of nature lovers, especially those who love to go rowing or kayaking. The water is populated with all kinds of sea life, and if you go to the lake, you'll be able to take all of that in.


7. The Local Bison

Bison are one of the most recognizable American animals in the world, and Yellowstone Park is the place where you can find most of them. In a world where bison populations are shrinking more than ever, four to five thousand of them can be found in this massive park, which has a higher population density than anywhere else.


8. Artist Point

If you're thinking of visiting Yellowstone, you're likely hoping for some great places to go to snap photos and enjoy the serene natural beauty of your surroundings. Luckily, the caretakers have ensured there's a place like that for you since many artists go to Artist Point, which is located on a hill, to take photos or even paint still-life impressions of the surroundings.


9. The Old Faithful Inn

If you're a fan of ancient structures that have a deep history to them, you should visit the Old Faithful Inn in this park since it's made out of the largest and oldest natural log formation in the world and has been home to countless tourists for decades, slowly becoming part of the history of the land itself.


10. Incredible Waterfalls

Nature lovers all over the world flock to waterfalls more than perhaps any other natural formation, and these waterfalls are present in all their strengths in Yellowstone, even though it’s known more for its other natural features, and that’s why thousands of hikers visit the park every year to camp out at these waterfalls that are almost hidden from the rest of civilization.



If the purpose of a park is to ensure the lives of everyone that visits it is enriched, then Yellowstone may be the greatest park in the world, since, over decades, it’s been providing great advantages and benefits to everyone that goes there, as seen with the 10 interesting facts mentioned in this article.  

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