10 Products to Sell as a Merchandising Retailer

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As a merchandising retailer, it is important to have a variety of products available for your customers to purchase. You want a good mix of products that will appeal to many people. Also, you should market and sell high-quality products in order to protect your brand's reputation. Here are 10 products you can sell as a merchandising retailer.


As a merchandising retailer, you can sell your clothing or act as a reseller for other brands. Branding your clothing with unique images or statements can help you stand out from other brands. Also, you can specialize in children, men or women's clothes, depending on who you want your target customers to be. Sometimes, your customers may prefer certain clothing like corporate apparel, gym clothes, or loungewear. Therefore partnering with a manufacturing company enables you to purchase in bulk. For example, you can work with a loungewear manufacturer, which can enable you to acquire wholesale loungewear. Buying clothes in bulk is more affordable, and there is enough for all your customers.


Accessories include jewellery, handbags, wallets, belts, and more. These are usually small items that can be easily shipped and do not require a lot of storage space. Also, you are assured of getting buyers as accessories complement various outfits.

House Décor

Rugs, towels, blankets, throw pillows, carpets, and art pieces are all part of house décor. Many customers opt to shop for house décor online, which is why revamping your website is critical if you want to capture their attention. Ensure your customers can purchase the goods online and deliver them to their homes.


Kitchenware includes dishes, silverware, pots and pans, bakeware, and more. Starting a kitchenware business is quite simple and does not require high capital. Also, in order to succeed in selling these items, ensure that you have a variety of designs, shapes, colors, patterns, and sizes so that your customers can have an opportunity to choose depending on their needs.

Small Appliances

Many households commonly use small appliances like coffee makers, blenders, toasters, and microwaves. In order to sell small appliances, it is important that you improve your marketing techniques to entice new customers, like offering after sale-services like free delivery, favorable prices and discounts, full utilization of social media platforms, and having a well-detailed website that has enough information about your appliances.


Electronics include computers, laptops, tablets, phones, and TVs. You can sell new and pre-owned electronics in order to accommodate all your customers. Having a shop online is also handy as it is convenient for customers to buy products from the comfort of their homes. Additionally, selling other accessories used with electronics like chargers, phone cases, earphones, and cables enables your customers to get all the products they need in one place.


Some furniture items you can sell include chairs, tables, couches, beds, dressers, and more. Because there are numerous furniture shops, ensure that you sell unique and high-quality furniture in order to build your brand's reputation. Also, provide after-sale services like free delivery or gifts, for example, rewarding your customers with throw pillows when they buy a couch or a bed.


Toys consist of dolls, action figures, puzzles, board games, and video games. Toys like dolls and teddy bears are popular among children, and adults prefer others, like puzzles and board games. Having a variety of toys with several designs, shapes, sizes, colors, and prices will help accommodate all your customers.


People are always in need of shoes, which makes them essential items. Create a brand name that reflects the type of shoes you are selling, which will help to attract the right customers. Also, have an online store where customers can order without physically going to your store.

Skincare Products

Skincare products have high demand, and selling them gives you great opportunities. It is also easy to find affordable suppliers with different varieties of skincare products. Some ways you can sell skincare products include creating a well-detailed e-commerce website, having social media platforms, and creating unique packages. Since the products are used on the skin, ensure they are high quality if you want more referrals.

Before you start to sell products, consider factors like capital, location, and target customers. You might feel overwhelmed due to too many choices, but the above products might inspire you and give you ideas on where to start.

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