10 Steps To Improve Your Front Door Security

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Front door security is something that keeps many awake at night! No matter what you do, nothing seems to be enough! And with the crime rates increasing worldwide, your worries are not unfounded. Naturally, you would want to do whatever it takes to safeguard your property, belongings, and loved ones.

The question is, how can you improve your front door security? Can you really make it burglar-proof? Luckily, with so many technological innovations, it's indeed possible to minimize the risk of intrusions and unwanted visitors. All you have to do is learn how to use technology to your advantage, and you wouldn't have a reason to worry!


Tips To Take Your Front Door Security Up A Notch!

There's quite a lot you can do to improve your property's security. But before you begin, we would recommend taking a hard close look at your front entrance to figure out what's lacking when it comes to safety. This will give you something to start with. And if you still aren't sure, we have some ideas that can do wonders for your front door security!


It's Time To Upgrade Your Locks!

Naturally, when we are talking about security, the first thing that comes to mind is the front door lock. You have to ensure that it's secure and cannot be broken easily. But that's the problem with keys. Typically, a household has multiple keys to the front door. What if one of them falls into the wrong hands? What if the burglar finds the spare key you had hidden under the mat at the front door? It's about time that we get done with keys and think of a better solution.

And this is what brings us to smart keyless door locks. Yes, if you are serious about upgrading your front door security locks, it's best to get smart locks installed. These are operated via smartphones. And can be programmed to lock and unlock even remotely. So you cannot find a more secure option! There will be no hassle of keys, and your front door cannot be accessed by anyone unless they have the code to it. So you will have complete control over who enters your house. 


Get A Security Camera, And That Too Smart One!

Of course, this one's the most obvious option! Get a security camera installed at your front door which will enable you to keep an eye on the surroundings of your property even when you are away.

But there's a secret! Yes, you can have a touch of the latest technology in this one too. What better way to get high-security front door locks than to have eyes on the entrance at all times? You can get security cameras installed alongside smart locks, ensuring nothing ever escapes your attention!


Get Better Control Of Your Front Door Access

Quite a lot of times when you are away from your property, you wake up suddenly and start wondering whether you actually locked the front door or not. Did you bolt the lock? What if you left the key somewhere? Well, it's time to change things and get remote connectivity for your locks. 

There are smart locks that can enhance your front door security by giving you access to the locks even when you are far away. So if you have any doubts about leaving the locks open, you will know what to do! There's more! There are smart lock suppliers like EleMake who has locks with auto-locking features included. 

Therefore, even if you forget to close the door, you don't have to panic. Your smart lock will take care of it.  


Get A Smart Video Doorbell

Let's move on from the front door security lock for a bit and talk a bit about another smart device that can be of immense help to your front door security. You can get a smart video doorbell installed that has a built-in camera in it. It will function as a regular doorbell and also enable you to see who is at the door right away! What an excellent way to keep unwanted visitors away!


Replace The Door Frame And Hinges

High-security front door locks won't do much good if your door frames and hinges are in poor condition. So they have to be replaced first thing. Replace the screws of the hinges to make them more secure. And you can also install hinge bolts if you want to amplify security. 

Similarly, you should harden your door frame such that no one is able to break it down easily. It's also advisable to consider installing special bars to make it sturdier.


Work On The Glass

If you want to improve your front door security, you must upgrade the glass too. Single-glazed windows can dent all your efforts to increase your security as the burglar would be able to smash right through them. So it's best to get double glazing or toughened glass, which is stronger and a lot more durable.


Think About Reinforcing The Door

If you are not satisfied with upgrading your front door security lock and wish to take it one step ahead, you can always reinforce the door. Replace the handle and install steel reinforcements around the hinges. This will ensure that intruders aren't able to kick down the door easily. 


Light Up The Area!

The best thing you can do for your front door security is to ensure that it's never engulfed in darkness. Your front door area should always be well-lit, so you can easily see what's going on. Invest in some security lights which can work as deterrents against intruders too.

There are smart security lights that alert you of movements outside the front door, so you can be assured of your safety.


Go Old School!

You might have high-security front door locks and still be scared of forced entry. Don't worry! You aren't the only one! For such people, it's best to consider a door chain and a deadbolt at the front door. These offer you commercial-grade security and give you some time to converse with who is at the door before actually letting them in.

And the best part is, homeowners can get the best of both worlds! There are deadbolt smart locks available on the market too. So you can get the perfect combination of old school locks and smart features. What more do you need for your front door security? 


Get Professional Monitoring

If you aren't satisfied with anything else, you can always get professionals on board who will keep an eye on the surroundings of your house via security cameras and make sure that nothing's amiss. This might seem like overkill, but security should never be underestimated!


Be Smart About Your Front Door Security!

Front door security is undoubtedly serious business. But if you do it right, you won't have to worry about your property's safety for a long time. So consider reinforcing your door, installing smart locks and taking similar measures to ensure that your property remains protected!

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