10 Tips for First-Time Solo Travel around the World

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Have you ever imagined enjoying the experience of traveling alone in Europe or around the world? You won't have to worry about your companion feeling at ease, and you'll discover new places at your own pace.

We know that taking the plunge can generate some fear, but in this article, we show you how to overcome it and give you tips so you can make the most of your solo travel.

Discover the advantages of traveling alone and everything you need to know to do it for the first time!


Why travel the world alone?

Traveling alone may seem like a lonely and intimidating experience, but it can actually be one of the most rewarding and empowering adventures anyone can undertake.

Traveling alone allows you to discover new destinations and cultures, connect with people from all over the world, and learn new things about yourself.

Plus, you can enjoy the freedom to explore and plan your own itinerary according to your interests and budget.

Through solo travel, you can challenge yourself, overcome your fears and discover what you are truly passionate about. In short, traveling alone can be an enriching and transformative experience that you will never forget.


Benefits and disadvantages of traveling alone for the first time

Advantages of traveling alone:

- A feeling of freedom and autonomy.

- Opportunity to grow and learn new things.

- Discover new cultures and meet interesting people.

- The possibility of doing what you feel like doing at any time, whenever you want, without having to commit to anyone else.

- Development of skills such as decision-making and problem-solving.


Disadvantages of traveling alone:

- A feeling of loneliness and isolation.

- Increased risk of insecurity, especially in unfamiliar destinations.

- Responsibility for planning and organizing everything by yourself. This means more mental workload.

- Lack of emotional support in difficult times.

- Possibility of missing friends and family at home.

Despite the disadvantages, many people find that the benefits of traveling alone far outweigh the disadvantages and allow them to have a unique and unforgettable experience.


How to overcome the fear of traveling alone?

The fear of traveling alone is common and natural, but it should not stop you from enjoying this unique experience.

One way to overcome fear is to prepare well before the trip by researching the destination and taking appropriate safety measures.

In addition, it is important to recognize your fears and face them little by little, starting with small solo outings before venturing on a longer trip. Another way to overcome fear is to connect with other travelers, either in Facebook groups or in hostels, which can help you feel more confident and share the experience with others.

In short, overcoming the fear of traveling alone requires courage and preparation, but in the end, it will allow you to live unforgettable and empowering experiences.


Where can I travel alone for the first time? 5 destinations we recommend

Here I leave you 5 countries to travel alone for the first time that stands out for their landscapes, for their safety, and for the amount of leisure and activities they offer:



With a rich and fascinating culture, spectacular beaches, delicious food, and affordable prices, Thailand is a popular destination for solo travelers. Bangkok is a vibrant and exciting city, while Chiang Mai is a quieter and more relaxing city, perfect for a solo retreat.


Costa Rica

A naturally beautiful and adventure-filled destination. With stunning beaches, tropical rainforests and fascinating wildlife, Costa Rica is an ideal destination for nature lovers.


New Zealand

A country with breathtaking landscapes, snow-capped mountains, glaciers, lakes, and dreamy forests. The country is safe and friendly, making it perfect for traveling alone.



A unique and magical destination, full of glaciers, waterfalls, geysers, and the famous Northern Lights.



A country full of history and beauty, with picturesque cities and spectacular beaches. The city of Lisbon is especially popular for people who choose to travel alone for its vibrant nightlife and bohemian atmosphere.



A safe and welcoming country with stunning natural landscapes and modern cities. Vancouver is a vibrant city with a great cultural scene, while Toronto is a cosmopolitan city with many entertainment options.


Want to travel the world alone? 10 tips for preparing for your first trip

Traveling alone may seem overwhelming at first, but with a little preparation and an open mind, it can be an enriching and unforgettable experience. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your first solo trip:


1. Research and plan ahead

Research your destination, and look for information about the best places to stay and the tourist attractions you would like to visit. It is essential to be aware of the different laws and cultural customs to avoid uncomfortable or dangerous situations. If you have already planned a trip, and you suddenly have some task, such as writing a text on a topic, you can always use a service that can help with paper writing and go on your trip with peace of mind.


2. Pack smartly

Pack a suitcase with only what you need and ensure you have enough clothes and essential items for your trip. Don't forget to bring a first aid kit, a laptop and charger, a plug adapter, and a padlock for your luggage.


3. Staying safe

Keep your valuables close by, and ensure you have a copy of your travel documents.

Before leaving your country, make sure you have copies of your important documents, such as your passport and visa. In addition, you can also save digital copies in your email or in the cloud.

If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe somewhere, trust your instincts and walk away from the situation. Also, keep your loved ones informed of your itinerary and keep in touch with them regularly.


4. Connect with other travelers

Join solo travel groups online or on social media, attend local events, and connect with other travelers. It can be an excellent opportunity to make new friends and share travel experiences.


5. Enjoy the trip

Make sure you take the time to enjoy the trip and not worry too much about the details. Take time to explore, experience the local culture, and enjoy your own company.


6. Learn some basic phrases of the local language

You must learn some basic phrases of the local language so you can communicate with the locals. In addition, this can help you establish a more authentic connection with the local culture.


7. Be open-minded and flexible

If something doesn't go right, don't get down on yourself. Be optimistic and confident. Remember that it is an experience, and there will be good and bad days. You will also learn from the bad and from your mistakes.


8. Do different things to get out of your comfort zone

Take a risk and do activities that you don't usually do in your routine to find out if you like them and to get out of your comfort zone. You will face new challenges and learn to solve new challenges.


9. Earn extra money teaching your language if you want to stay longer

If you run out of budget or you are going to extend your stay in that country for whatever reason, something that can happen if you have a traveling soul, we recommend you start earning money by giving language classes in that foreign country.

Another option is to volunteer in that country or in another country. Many people who decide to travel alone in different parts of the world feel the need to continue traveling and help others by sharing their knowledge. You can teach anything to other people: another language, how to play an instrument, etc.


10. Control your expenses on a daily basis

Keeping track of your expenses while traveling is essential to avoid unforeseen financial problems.

You can keep track of your travel finances using a spreadsheet in Google Sheets, which you can easily access from your computer or phone as long as it has an Internet connection. In addition, several applications allow you to keep a detailed record of your expenses as you explore the world. Some of these apps are Goodbudget, 1Money, or Monefy.

We hope these tips and destinations for traveling alone for the first time have helped you. Tell us, where do you want to travel alone, and what is your biggest challenge?

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