12 Mind Blowing Kitchen Gadgets That Are a Must-have in 2023

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It's 2023 and the AI revolution is already here. Well, almost. Although we have smart fridges and stuff, the kitchen remains pretty much the same way it has been over the last 50 years. The trend is slowly changing though with the emergence of thousands of tiny innovations that make one itsy bitsy portion of our cooking task easier.

Let us take a look at 14 such tiny innovations in the kitchen space that can make cooking easier for you.


1) Revolving Spice Rack



Think back for a second. How many times in the past week have you misplaced the salt, pepper or other sprinkler and gone looking all over the kitchen for it. It's one of the most frustrating things ever! Thankfully, such frustrations will be a thing of the past once you get this cool revolving spice rack for your kitchen.

It comes with 20 containers with spice names pre labelled for easy identification. The jars also contain removable sifter discs that make sprinkling easy.

Another huge benefit is that once you register the product with the manufacturer, they offer 5 years worth of all spices free of charge. We just need to pay for shipping as and when we need refills.

A definite must-have for your kitchen.



2) Mini Waffle Maker



Everyone loves waffles and this cool little gadget is making things so much easier to enjoy the goodness of waffles every single day! Priced at under $10, this 4 inch waffle maker is easily the best value for money gadget you can buy this year.

At such an inexpensive price, you might think it would be made from cheap plastics and stuff, but that's where this gadget stands out. The quality is impeccable, it even comes with a 2 year warranty!

The non-stick is safe for use as well. So amazing waffles at your fingertips whenever the kids feel like having it!



3) Automatic Stirrer



Making soups, pastas and other milk based dishes and desserts are the hardest on your arms because they need constant stirring. Moreover, they eat up all your time that you just can't focus on cooking anything else on any other stovetop.

Well, all that will change once you get one of these cool automatic stirrers. The stirrers can attach onto any type of pan or pot. Once attached firmly to the vessel, just push the start button and set the speed and you're good to go. The stirrer keeps stirring and you can focus your attention on the other dishes.



4) Magic Food Vacuum Sealer



Nobody likes to see fresh produce go to waste but let's face it, it just happens from time to time in every kitchen when we forget about a slice of meat or some veggies that we purchased.

The perfect solution to this problem is vacuum sealing food and produce. The awesome folks at Magic Mill company have come up with a neat little machine that handles vacuum sealing for you without the need for any fancy pumps. The best part? The machine costs less than $60!

In addition to vacuum sealing packets, it can also vacuum seal wine bottles and vacuum canisters, meaning you can store your favorite items for at least 10-15 days without worrying about them spoiling.



5) Automatic Fruit and Vegetable Peeler



Peeling one potato is a pain but peeling potato after potato is truly torturous and mind numbing work. Thankfully, there's a wonderful solution to this in the form of the automatic fruit and vegetable peeler by Starfrit.

Just attach the vegetable to the device, bring the blade in contact with it and turn it on. That's it, the device does the rest and completely peels it to the end.

Replacement blades are also readily available on Amazon so that's one less thing to worry about when you get this super useful device.



6) Sparkling Anything Maker



Soda and sparkling water make a great addition to any meal or party. Well, you may be wondering about getting a soda maker. That's not anything new or fancy, they've been around for ages.

What's truly special about the Drinkmate sparkling water maker is that it can carbonate any drink. Yes, you read that right. Not just water, it can carbonate anything from a cocktail or mocktail to grape juice, wine and even - wait for it - beer!

The specially patented design of the machine does all the magic and you can get insanely awesome carbonated beverages in seconds thanks to this neat innovation.

The replacement Carbon Dioxide bottles are also readily available on Amazon.



7) Coverblubber



Half eaten fruits and foods are insanely hard to manage and store. You can refrigerate them but the exposed part just hardens and the juicy freshness of the produce is lost. Well, not anymore!

Coverblubbers is a revolutionary idea that sounds so simple that it's awesome. They are basically small food grade silicone streachies that you can use to cover any exposed part of a fruit or vegetable and store in the fridge. The superb freshness is preserved without that hard layer forming!

These neat coverblubbers come in 4 different sizes and can be used to cover anything from lemons all the way to watermelons.



8) Automatic Trash Can



When cooking, your hands may be greasy or you might just have your oven mitts on. So it's not always possible to open the trash can and throw things in. That's where this handy automatic opening trash can comes in super handy.

It has an in-built infrared motion sensor that detects your approach to the trash can and automatically opens the lid.

It also has a neat ring at the top where you can slide your garbage bag through. It neatly wraps around so the bag isn't visible when the lid is closed.

Overall, a must-have in any kitchen!



9) Cake Shapers



Cakes are usually round or rectangular in shape and that is primarily due to the fact that you just can't make cake tins in any shape. Well, not anymore!

Thanks to cake shapers, your cakes can now be in any shape you want. These silicone innovations can bend and twist to any shape and in addition, they can also join with each other in innovative ways so that we can make our cake in just the right shape that we would like.



10) Super Smart Sandwich Maker



Sandwiches are the classic breakfast that are healthy, nutritious and tasty. However, the main concern why most people opt for cereals and other types of breakfast is the sheer time it takes to cook the veggies, meat and egg separately and then combine them to make the final sandwich.

However, with the super smart sandwich maker, you can save all that time and still enjoy a wholesome sandwich for breakfast and in no time at all!

How, you ask? Well, this neat little gadget comes with sections for veggies, meat and even an egg. And all these cook at the same time and even better, you can make two sandwiches at the same time!

With this gadget you can cook breakfast sandwiches for your family and have enough time to even invite the neighbors over!



11) Stainless Steel Soap Bar



I'm sure you're wondering what a stainless steel bar of soap is good for. You're right. It doesn't dissolve, nor does it clean your hands.

However, when cooking, you often end up with smelly hands after handling strong spices and items like garlic, ginger, onion, etc. These smells often take hours to go away and that is a real pain if you're someone who handles these items in the kitchen every single day.

That's where this stainless steel bar of soap comes in handy. Just wash your hands with this soap and you'll be amazed at how quickly the strong smells disappear from your hands.



12) Wine Chiller



Wine is often a tricky drink to serve. Ice simply dilutes the wine and sticking the bottle of wine directly in the refrigerator is also not a good idea.

That's why a bunch of innovative folks have come up with this wine chilling rod that is the perfect solution to serving chilled wine.

All you need to do is stick this chiller rod in the fridge. When you're starting the meal, you can attach the chiller rod to the wine bottle and pour through it. Voila, you'll be surprised to see that the wine comes out neatly chilled without any dilution!


Well that brings us to the end of this list of amazing kitchen gadgets that are a must-have in any kitchen. Any other cool gadgets that we've missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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