4 Easy Ways to Reuse Your Leftover Cake

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We know how to repurpose some leftover chapatis, rice, vegetables, pasta and whatnot. But what about cakes, the abundance of which we end up stocking in our fridge after a series of back-to-back celebrations? And this is bound to happen at some point as every special occasion is incomplete without this baked delight. Cake cutting and sharing is like an unwritten tradition we follow. So, even if the host of the party doesn't like cakes, they will still have one as a part of the celebration.

While the idea of having a cake for breakfast, lunch and even dinner sounds absolutely delightful, the reality falls short of that fantasy. There is only so much of it that you can eat before feeling tired of the taste. Even if you are a die-hard fan of baked treats, some twist must be added to the leftovers to avoid boredom with the same texture and flavour profile.

Maybe you went overboard with your order or overestimated the appetite of your invitees and made a tiny-teeny-sweet error with your online cake delivery in Pune, Delhi or whichever city you live in. It might even be so that you just don't feel like eating that leftover cake from your birthday party, or you are simply trying to be resourceful as a newbie baker. You don't need to fret over the reason because there is plenty that you can do with cake leftovers. So, treat it as an opportunity to don your chef hat and get creative in the kitchen.

If you are finding yourself in this position and want to avoid throwing out the cake leftovers, which you definitely should, we have got something for you. Keep reading to get some delectable ideas and jazz up your cake scraps.



The name is enough to get your bells ringing and ideas flowing. Anything tastes delicious as a milkshake, even your old and forgotten vegetables. So, you can certainly understand the delicious pairing that a cake and some ice cream will make. You just have to be mindful of the flavours you are mixing together. After all, we are not cooking up a witch's concoction. Add some ice cream, your crumbled cake, and some milk and give it a good mix to prepare yourself a glass full of a toothsome milkshake. You can try cookies with vanilla, vanilla and chocolate, etc.

If this has got your mouth watering, but you don't have any cake scraps to work with, you can always order a fresh one for yourself or go for some other baked treats like a cupcake. An online bakery like the FlowerAura cake shop will be a convenient choice if you want it delivered to your home while you make the other preparations for a 'cake shake'.


Ice cream topping

Carrying on with the previous theme, we are still working with the formidable combination of ice cream and cake crumbs. Now, if you are having a busy day or don't feel like making the extra effort of whipping up a milkshake, just add the cake on top of any ice cream. And you are good to go. This makes for a great treat for kids and adults alike, especially when you have a movie night planned as a family.


French Toast

Before you make a puzzled expression, yes, this is possible. After all, some bread is what you majorly need to make a good french toast. And a cake works as a good substitute for it. This might not work if all you have got as leftovers are some bits and crumbs. But if you can manage to slice up some thick square or rectangular pieces from your cake, this idea will work wonders. After you have set aside your slices, you will need to dip them in a mixture of milk, eggs and vanilla. You can add a small pinch of cinnamon to this if you want. Then fry these slices in a pan with butter to get your slightly crispy and golden brown french toast ready.


Bread Pudding

This is another idea wherein a cake is an excellent substitute for bread. This doesn't even require you to keep standing over the stove, as most of the magic happens in the oven. Slice your cake into smaller cubical pieces and mix them with milk, sugar, eggs and cinnamon. Then this mixture goes into a greased dish and straight into the oven. You will have to bake this till it's all set. Make this in the evening and have it with some good tea or coffee for a delectable experience.

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