40 Innovative Ways of Event Promotion That Will Escalate Your Attendee Participation

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Organizing an event means excitement and hard work, a two-in-one package. When the event date is nearby, you work hard day and night, get done with all the bookings, and fix the food and entertainment, but behind all these arrangements, the tension of making your event houseful keeps you awake all the time. You keep checking your event ticketing platforms to see whether all your tickets are sold or not, but the key to this tension is using tactics in promoting your events.

No matter whether you sell event tickets online or in person, applying some innovative and unique marketing ideas will boost your event ticket sales for sure. Well, if you are in a little doubt thinking about how to promote your event, then we have 40 innovative yet effective ideas for you.


Effective Marketing Ideas to Promote your Event

Using the Online world in your Event Marketing

In this tech-based era, everyone around you is mostly obsessed with online platforms. So, focusing on online-based marketing ideas would be a wise decision for your event. 


Website for a Sight of your Event  

1. Create a User-friendly event website

Having a website for your event is a must in these modern times. You can create one for your organization and update about each event on that. It should definitely be easy to operate so that users can find all the necessities in front of them.

2. Use a catchy domain name

Domain name purchasing can be a good idea to boost your website. Use a catchy and easy-to-find domain name that can be found by the maximum number of people.

3. Make your event website attractive 

Looks matter a lot when an attendee first visits your website. Try to use attractive and useful features in your event website. It will create a visual influence, and attendees will be influenced to know more.

4. Mobile version of the website

People prefer everything on their smartphone screens nowadays. So, investing in the mobile version of your website will be a good marketing tactic to use.

5. Don't forget the time, date and venue

What's the most important information about your event? Of course, the place, date and time. Add these to your website so that they are prominent to everyone and no one misses your event.

6. Visible Register button

The main reason behind making a website and event data is to make people attend your event. So, try to connect them to the registration page by making the option visible to everyone.


Sell your Event on the Event Ticketing Platform 

7. Choose your event ticketing platform

Selecting a good ticketing platform is very important for your event. People prefer a hassle-free ticketing system. That is why you need to choose a smoothly operating online event ticketing platforms that will help you to sell event tickets online

8. Promote while Selling ticket

Online ticketing platforms can help you to promote your event more. So, find an event ticketing platform that will focus on promoting and selling your event tickets.

9. Provide a sense of safety

Security and safety are the main concern in ticketing platforms as people's personal information and payment information is needed here. Try to go for a safe and secure event ticketing platform

10. Ensure Easy-to-registration process

The registration must be easy to finish. It should be less time-consuming and smoothly operating. So, the buyers will get more motivated to recommend others about your ticketing facility.


Email your Event

11. Make a list of possible 

You should know who might be your targeted audience and who is interested in coming. Pushing them and inviting them through email more would both save you time and maximize your attendee number. 

12. Use a Suitable subject line

Your email subject should influence the reader to read the mail. Make a subject line with proper information and hints about your email.

13. Quote your previous success 

Your Email body can contain some quoted reviews or updates of your previous event. It will encourage the reader to join the future event

14. Perfect timing to send the mail

People are more available at certain times, like weekends. Emailing at their available time will ensure an instant response.

15. Send email multiple times

Trying and mailing just once is not enough. Email your possible attendees from time to time so that they do not miss out on your efforts.


Social Media to the rescue  

16. Create Facebook Event page 

The Facebook event page will attract all the possible attendees who are active on Facebook. Include going/interested options so that others can see who is going

17. Make engaging event post

Posting on the social media event pages more often to let the world know what is happening. Include fun and engaging posts to maximize attention

18. Tag your Hashtags

Use proper hashtags; they are fun and catchy to use. It will help people repost your event content and make it easy to spread your event updates.

19. Post-Instagram-friendly reels 

Instagram reels are now the latest start in the social media world. Use mini clips, can behind the scene or preparation rush videos and post them on your Instagram event account.

20. Tweet your event on Twitter

You can't miss out on your Twitter audiences. Let them know by posting from your event Twitter account or the possible guest's Twitter reposts.

21. LinkedIn event posts   

LinkedIn posts are a must if you are arranging corporate or job-related events. Even if it's an event from a different genre, you can attract audiences from LinkedIn too.

22. Links in Bio

Prior to the event, include your event website and ticketing links in all your social media accounts. Don't forget to mention "link in bio" in your new posts.

23. Thanks to the Registration Page

Link one platform with another is the game. Link the social media share option at the end of your event registration page to spread it more. 


SEO tricks 

24. Target your Keyword  

Keywords will help your event page to show up on the first rows of the search result. So, find a proper keyword that matches your event.

25. Use blogs

Insert keywords in your website blogs. Using it for maximum time and where it fits will increase the website view for sure.

26. Take help from the descriptions

Using keywords in the website's event description can also do the SEO trick on your website

27. Use links 

Add links to your ticket purchasing page or registration page on the appropriate keywords will help viewers to reach the destination quickly.


Blog Posts

28. Include guest's posts

Adding blogs to your current website or page will give you an idea about your event. Try including the guest's post or ask them to write something short for you.

29. Preparation blogs

A preparation blog is basically a pre-event blog. It increases the excitement and the suspense. 

30. Include post-event blogs

Post-event blogs are a good idea for your future event. It will give readers an insight into your event pattern. 


Traditional Offline Marketing

31. Print your event

Though it might sound outdated, printed advertisement still has their charm. A colourful, attractive paper design with your event details will help you in marketing.

32. Reach out to journalists

A great way to spread your event to a local audience is by inviting or informing journalists about your event. They will publish your event details the way you portray them to them.

33. Search your Partners

Event partners are not only good for your budget worries but also for marketing. Your partner's audience will also know about your event.

34. Take highlights from Media

To reach the maximum number of people, the most popular way is to take help from the media. Try to view your event date and venue and the exciting highlights through the media.

35. Contact the News

Some new section's entertainment or nearby upcoming events parts can do marketing for your event. It can attract the news reader or listener audiences.

36. Interviews of influential guests

If your event guests or speakers are known faces, interviews with them can grab the attention of their followers. So, making interactive session content with them might be marked as marketing.

37. Radio Station

In between radio shows or related radio events can help you declare your event. Choosing a radio station for marketing can help fascinate radio listeners.

38. Banners on the Venue

In your event, adding banners can be both decorative and marketing pieces. Banners are easy to catch sight of and visible to almost everyone.

39. Inviting famous faces

We are not only talking about your speakers or hosts but also in the guest list; you can include the growing influencers or bloggers. Their posts or blogs will do the post-event marketing for you.

40. On-Event Gift sessions

A small gift is a gesture of good hospitality. Adding little gifts with a hint of your event will let the attendees remember your event's warmth.

Yes, we are finally done with suggesting you all the marketing tips for your event. Now it is you who will decide which marketing idea goes with your event's context and what works for you the best. Get ready to try these innovative marketing tips and boost your event ticket sales.  



Author Bio:

I am Rebekah Murray. I am working as a content strategist at Event Bookings. I have 12+years of experience in the field of content writing. I am passionate about exploring and writing about events, technology, marketing, and education-related content.


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