5 Amazing Hacks in Using Velcro Tape

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What crosses your mind when you think about Velcro tapes? Your fond childhood memories of the shoe fasteners? The stuff you found in toys and bags to secure? The collar of your pet dog? Well, surprisingly, Velcro tapes can be used in more useful ways than you could have ever imagined. Those hook and loop fasteners can bring so much utility to your everyday life with some clever hacks. So, let’s take a look at 5 interesting ways you could use Velcro tapes that would help you out in your everyday life:

#1 Keep those sliding, slipping, and falling things in place

This is a hack for mainly keeping fabric items that tend to move away from their place. Be it an upturned rug, the table cloth blowing away in an outdoor setting, or the sliding hand towels, a piece of Velcro tape can keep things in their place so easily. 

- Fix rugs and tablecloths in place: Try adhesive Velcro for sticking down the rug corners and then in the space between them. The size of the rug determines how much Velcro you need to use. For picnic tables, use the tape on the underside of the table and the backside of the tablecloth coordinated with each other. 

- Keep towels from sliding: Towels, especially smaller ones like hand towels, have a tendency to slide and fall on the floor. Use Velcro tapes at towel edges or corners to keep them clasped at the ends. 

- Stick cushions in their place: You can also try a similar hack with seat cushions for keeping them in their place and from sliding off. Attach a piece of the tape to the seat cover or chair that would hold the cushion in place. 

#2 Easy fixes with Velcro tapes

Velcro tapes can help you get inexpensive quick fixes for things without stitch or adhesives. 

- Fasten wrappers: Using adhesive tapes can make gift wrappers unusable after one-time use. Whether it's a gift wrapper or a wrapper of any kind, using Velcro tape at the ends for fastening can help you from creasing, twisting, or tearing the wrapping paper. You can also use it multiple times. 

- Quick repair for the bag: If you have your handbag out of use because of a nonworking zip or closure, use Velcro as a way to secure the open side. It can be placed inside the edges and when done neatly, it will secure the opening without being seen. 

- Quick fix for fragile items and wobbly furniture: If you have fragile items like glassware or a wobbly table leg, you can slip a piece of Velcro beneath them to keep them in place and prevent them from being accidentally brushed against and getting damaged. 

#3 Tying plant stalks with Velcro

Instead of using ropes or strings to support your garden stalks, try using Velcro tapes instead. They can provide firm support with the right amount of pressure to help your plant stalks stay in place. When using the tape, make sure the soft loop part of the tape is the one that touches the plant stalk. 

#4 Keep things organized 

Velcro tapes can literally replace your entire peg board arrangement and clear your drawers and cluttered storage. It helps to create more space.

- Use adhesive Velcro for storage: Use a strip of adhesive Velcro against the inside of your cabinet doors to secure small bottles, medicine strips, make-up brushes, and other similar things to keep them organized and not lose them. Attach smaller strips for each item against the other tape surface so that you access individual items as per your needs.  

- Organize craft supplies and tools: Use Velcro strips on the wall for hanging scissors, tape rolls, cutters, and other tools. Stick a small piece of Velcro on these items and stick them against the strip on the wall. This will clear the usual mess you have while working on your table top and you don’t have to hunt for a particular item when looking for it.

- Keep your caddy containers in place: Use a dot of Velcro strip below each of your caddy containers like cups, jars, and boxes. This will prevent them from jostling around and they’ll remain fixed in place when you take out one or more containers.  

#5 Using Velcro as fasteners and creating holders

- Cord fastener: Electrical wires and cords from devices and computers can get tangled and also create dangerous situations when left lying around. Use Velcro tying strips to fasten cords and wires of a kind together. 

- Innovative holders: You lose the remote or a pen when you need them the most. Use Velcro as a holder for these much-needed items and designate them into an easy-to-access spot. For the remote use a Velcro strip behind the remote and the place where you want to keep it—the side of the sofa armrest, tableside, or even onto the TV side. You’ll never lose the remote again. Use a Velcro strip to create a pen holder on your fridge door or kitchen cupboard from where it is easily visible and is near to the place while you make a list. It will always be within your reach when making your shopping list, labelling kitchen items, or marking the calendar. 

- Create a spice rack: If you are running out of space for your kitchen containers and spice jars, this is a great way to keep them stored within reach without taking any extra space. Use a wide adhesive Velcro strip against the kitchen wall and a good amount of strip on the sides of the containers or jars as well. This will create a jar rack by mounting them on the tape holder.  

So, we conclude our list of a wide range of useful hacks in using Velcro tape. We hope you can definitely pick more than one of our hacks to incorporate into your daily life. Velcro tapes come in different forms and kinds. You can buy from a range of Velcro products according to your needs.

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