5 Amazing Meat Subscription Boxes You Would Love to Order

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Having a variety of meats delivered straight to your door every month is as convenient as it gets. Not only does this mean you spend less time queuing at the grocery store, but you also get transparency in how the meat is sourced.

The subscription market is growing fast, which means that when scouring the internet for some of the best meat subscription boxes, you will find everything from boxes for the jerky enthusiast to exotic boxes for the game meat lover.

This list is packed with boxes from top-quality jerky to sustainably caught seafood and beef. Read on for our top picks for fantastic meat subscription boxes.

1. Carnivore Club

Carnivore Club might be the answer to your cured meat prayers. Featuring a new artisan every month, Carnivore Club delivers premium cured meats perfect for snacking, entertaining, or a night in. With meats ranging from Italian salami to South African Biltong, you can be sure that you're getting the highest quality meats for your buck.

Joining the club is as easy as signing up and logging in, choosing your plan, and getting your first box!

Pros of using Carnivore club

Delivers to all 50 US States and Canada, their meats are shelf-stable, therefore, don't require refrigeration for several weeks. Their exotic meat subscription box are shipped throughout the first whole week of the month. Moreover, they offer four different boxes:

- Jerky club -$19.99

- Snack box -$34.99

- Classic box-$49.99

- Complete box - $49.99

2. Good Chop

Good chop is a subscription service that offers top-quality meat and seafood sourced directly from American farms and fisheries. Their meat is free of antibiotics, artificial ingredients, and added hormones.

They offer customers the chance to build their boxes from 25 different cuts of beef, pork, chicken, and seafood. With two tiers to choose from, large or medium, you can enjoy an assortment of meats however and whenever you like.

The medium box starts at $149 per month, and the large one starts at $269 per month. In addition to your box, you can add on specials and premium cuts.

Their seafood is MSC certified and sustainably harvested, and their meats are free of antibiotics, growth hormones, preservatives, and artificial ingredients.

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3. Butcher Box

Offering four different boxes, Butcher Box is a one-stop shop for all your meat needs. Delivering your meat frozen in an eco-friendly insulated box. They work with partners all over the US.

Their beef is from 100% grass-fed and grass-finished cattle, their chicken is organic and free-range, and their pork is raised crate-free. Customers can customize their boxes precisely as they desire, with options ranging from beef, pork, and chicken. Their meat is humanely raised, high quality, and tastes fantastic. They offer four already curated boxes for you, or you can choose to curate one yourself.

Custom box: Choose from more than 25 cuts of meat at $169 per month.

Mixed box: Choose from their selection of 100% grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, and pork raised crate free at $146 per month.

Beef and chicken box: Choose from grass-fed beef or organic chicken at $146 per month.

Beef and pork box: Enjoy a selection from their high-quality meat and pork selection at $146 per month.

4. Greensbury

For more than a decade, Greensbury has been a trailblazer in the organic grass-fed grass finished movement. Sourcing their meat from small farms that are USDA certified, their meat is from humanely raised grass beef and bison, and their chicken is vegetarian fed and free range. Seafood is sourced from oceans and fisheries certified to be sustainable by the MSC. Their products are audited twice, once in Nebraska and once more in New Jersey.

5. Porter Road

Two friends founded Porter Road with a passion for delivering high-quality, hand-cut, fresh, and humanely raised meats. Working with select small family-operated farms, Porter Road ensures that the meat is pasture-raised, with no added hormones and antibiotics. Each meat is expertly cut at its facility and is of high quality.

Customers can select from a variety of five curated boxes.

- The butcher's choice box is $165

- The weeknight heroes' box is $120

- Best of porter road $128

- Beef box $140

- Beef and pork basics $120

Delivery frequency can be set for two, four, or eight weeks depending on how fast you go through the box.

You can also have add-ons like hot dogs, bone-in chicken breasts, pork spare ribs, and seasoning salts for a complete gourmet experience. Their meats are shipped fresh, depending on your location, and in sustainable packaging.


Final Thoughts

Meat subscription boxes allow customers to try out different cuts and types of meat every month. With portions ranging from single-serve to servings fit for a whole family, you know exactly what you're budgeting for and how to work around your meats for the month. 

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