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Being a student has never been easy. There's so much you need to do in a single day and so little time to make it all happen. You have your academic tasks and exams, studying, social life, hobbies, family time, and more. You try to make it all fit your tight schedule, but it seems nearly impossible. Luckily, modern-day students can use technology to help them juggle it all.

There are apps designed to help you manage your time better, and achieve more in a day with less stress and even less effort. These apps can turn a hectic day into a well-organized set of tasks that you manage to accomplish. That's why we've decided to create the ultimate list of the top 5 apps for students.

Let's see what we've prepared for you!


How Do Apps Help Students?

Before we dig into the actual apps and the list we've prepared for you, let's take a moment to consider why apps are so useful to students. How do they help them?

The truth is, there's an app for almost anything today. Whatever type of problem you may be facing or goal you want to achieve- there's an app that helps you do it.

For students, these apps take care of the most common problems they can face:

- lack of free time

- poor management skills

- poor organization

- lack of self-care

- struggling with an academic assignment

This means that using some or all of the apps that we'll suggest can significantly improve the quality of a student's life. It can positively influence their academic achievements, boost their social life, and remove some of the stress they've been feeling.

As a result, students will be more confident and way less anxious about their busy days and weeks in school.


5 Best Apps for Students

To make sure that every student finds the app they need on our list, we've created the ultimate student-aid list of apps that deal with the most common problems they face. We'll break them down one by one and help you find the ideal app for you.


1. GoConqr - The Ultimate Study Tool

So many students struggle to find the best study method or study tool. Some students like to study with visual aids, others like to quiz themselves, and some learn through mind maps and similar learning tricks.

GoConqr is the ultimate study app with a feature for any learner- visual, auditory, reading, or kinesthetic. This app is essentially a learning environment in which you get to access tons of learning resources or create your own. 

If you want to create your learning materials, here's what the app offers:

- quizzes

- flashcards

- slides

- notes

- mind maps

- flow charts

It's simple to use and stores all the materials you create on your account. To get started with the creation of any type of learning resource, you'll just need to create a subject and set the level you're at. Then, you can start creating your materials, assign them a title based on what they're for and use them to study better.

You also get to personalize your study materials to make them just right for you. For instance, if you're creating a test, the app will let you structure it with tons of different features.


Pros: Free version includes the best features. It's simple to use. The Upgraded version is just $1.25/month.

Cons: Pop-up ads in the free version.

Available for: iOS, Android, Windows

Alternative apps: Quizlet, Anki, Kahoot!


2. Evernote - Quick and Reliable Note Taking 

Every student needs to have a tool that will help them take notes promptly and efficiently. Note-taking is one of the essential student skills, yet so many of you still struggle with it.

This is because you've been trying to do it all manually without the help of technology. The problems you typically run into include:

- not being able to take notes quickly enough

- losing track of where your notes are

- not being able to read your own handwriting

- wasting time on organizing notes

Evernote is an app that was designed to help students ease the process of notetaking and make it as simple and as organized as it can be. It offers templates to create notes and tasks, add deadlines, and include links, images, videos, and other important resources.

It's synced across all your devices. That means you can access, change, manage, and create notes wherever and whenever you want. All your notes are always there, ready for you to do what you want with them.

Other great features that students love include:

- search feature, which helps find notes and tasks quickly

- clipping web pages

- attaching everything from PDFs and files to images and documents

Once you try this app, you'll finally feel confident about taking notes, and your notes will make more sense than ever. 


Pros: Simple, customizable, and super convenient for students.

Cons: Limited free version. 

Available for: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Web

Alternative apps: Quizlet, Anki, Kahoot!

3. EasyBib - Writing Citations

If there's something students don't like to do and struggle with all the time, it's creating bibliographies. There are so many different citation styles, and every professor wants you to use a different one. 

There's no way you can learn all those rules by heart. This is why you often have mistakes in your bibliographies, and your professor returns your paper for correction.

Luckily, EasyBib was designed to remove all the stress from creating citations and do the hard work for you.

Here's how EasyBib works:

- you choose the citation style you want (APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA)

- you choose the type of resource you're citing (website, book, article, and more)

- you can insert a link, search by title, or by ISBN

Once the app finds the resource you want to cite, it automatically fills out all the information available online. If something's missing, the app will ask you to insert just that information manually.

Finally, the app will provide the entire reference that you can simply copy and paste into your school essay or paper. If you need help with other elements of essay writing, check out Trustmypaper. Their professional writers can help write, edit, and proofread your school writing.


Pros: Helps create spotless bibliographies quickly.

Cons: Doesn't cover all citation styles. 

Available for: Web

Alternative apps: Mendeley


4. Oxford Dictionary of English - Written Communication

Students have a lot of writing to do during their college years. Written communication is important, and students need to take it very seriously. Just think of all the things you have to write while in college:

- essays and papers

- emails to professors

- motivational letter

- job applications

The list goes on.

Oxford Dictionary of English language is the ultimate writing tool and one of the most highly regarded dictionaries ever. It offers more than 350.000 words to students as well as audio pronunciation for 75.000 of them.

Apart from the main purpose of providing you with the meaning of words and helping you choose the best way to verbalize your ideas, it also has additional features. This app will instantly offer definitions and translations of the given word.


In case you want more help with writing, you can try Bestessayseducation. They can handle all types of writing for you, from simple essays to complex dissertations.


Pros: Huge database, regularly updated.

Cons: Most great features are in the paid version.

Available for: iOS, Android

Alternative apps: Thesaurus.com 


5. Google Drive - Secure Storage

Finally, every student would agree that there can never be enough storage. All those files, documents, study materials, and personal memories need to be stored somewhere. Google Drive provides the ultimate storage room for everything you need to save.

Google Drive is accessed by login, and you can log into your drive from any device, anywhere. This means you don't have to carry your laptop around campus or keep track of all the USBs you've lost.

Instead, all you have to do is upload things to your Google Drive.

The app lets you share certain items with others via a shareable link. You can decide how much access these people have - just to see or to edit the files. This makes this app great for student collaboration as well.


Pros: 15 GB of storage room, modern search options, allows sharing with others.

Cons: Storage room isn't enough for some students.

Available for: iOS, Android, Web, Mac

Alternative apps: Dropbox, OneDrive

Final Thoughts

With the help of the right tools, being a student isn't that hard after all. The apps we've chosen for you will make your student days significantly easier. Choose those apps that will help you with your biggest struggles and enjoy all the benefits.

Start using these brilliant apps for students today!

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