5 Common Legal Issues and How to Avoid Them

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California is one of the nation's biggest states in terms of both size and population. No matter where you live in the state, you need to go before a judge when you pick up criminal charges. If you're lucky, the judge might let you out without asking you to pay a high bail amount. Not everyone is that lucky though. They wind up sitting behind bars for months before their trial dates. Take a look at some of the common legal troubles you might face and how to avoid them to reduce your risk of winding up in jail.

Property Crimes

Property crimes are quite common because they refer to any type of crime that involves the property another person owns. Theft is one example and can include taking an item you did not have permission to take.

You might borrow a friend's laptop but later face charges because their parents owned it and did not want you to have it. Destruction of property charge is when you willingly destroy an item that belongs to another person such as breaking a friend's television.

Paying attention to your surroundings and getting permission in writing when you borrow an item can help you avoid these troubles.


Assault is one of the more serious crimes, but it's also one you might think you can easily avoid. Any time you put your hands on another person, the individual can tell the police you assaulted them.

Have you ever had too much to drink in a club and got a little handsy with your date?

Maybe you and a friend had an argument that led to you throwing a punch. Assault charges can also come about if you hit one person while defending another.

These charges usually require help from an agency that manages bail bonds in Riverside or wherever you may live. Their agents can help you get out of jail until your hearing. Always think before you act and step away from altercations.


Trespassing is often a misdemeanour crime that does not require a lengthy jail stay. You can pay a small fee and walk away, but the incident will still appear on your record. Many people do not realize how easily they can break trespassing laws.

You might wander into a neighbour's backyard when your dog gets loose or decide to check out a cool old building you come across on a road trip. Thanks to modern security owners, the property owner can show proof you trespassed, even if they weren't there during your visit.

Driving Under the Influence

Driving under the influence (DUI) charges can come about any time you get behind the wheel of your vehicle after drinking. You may face similar charges if you used any form of illicit drugs before driving, too.

The penalties you receive can include the installation of an alcohol monitoring set up inside your vehicle and a stay in a treatment center as well as possible jail time and a fine. Keep in mind that you can also pick up a DUI charge if you're in the car and it isn't moving as long as the key is in the ignition or on your body.

Always keep an eye on your consumption and call for a ride if you drink too much. A cab is much cheaper than a DUI charge.

Drug Possession

California is one of several states that now allows residents to use marijuana. State laws allow you to have eight grams of concentrated marijuana or 28.5 grams of marijuana as long as you are 21 or older. This does not mean that you can use the drug anywhere you want. You still cannot use it when operating a motor vehicle or in public.

Police have the right to arrest you and charge you with drug possession, even if you are under the legal limit. Using drugs at home and going through your pockets and bags before you leave the house ensures you don't catch one of these charges. You should be extra careful in states where marijuana is legal for medical use only, like Georgia. To legally buy marijuana from a dispensary there, you must obtain a Georgia medical marijuana card. Without a valid card, you may risk facing legal repercussions.

Avoid Legal Troubles

Even people who think they follow the law every day can make a few mistakes here and there. One simple mistake can cause you to lose your job and some of your loved ones as well as lead to jail time and big fines. Make sure you know some simple ways to avoid all of these common legal troubles.

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