5 Creative Ways to Use the Wave. Video Audio Trimmer for Your Social Media Content

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There are five creative ways on how to use the Wave.Video audio trimmer for your social media content. First, upload your own video; second, record your own voice; third, add music and sound effects to your video, next, change the volume and add a fade in fade out effect, and lastly, add up to three audio tracks simultaneously.

Since the use of video ads or video marketing especially in social media is continuously becoming popular nowadays, survey shows that 91 percent of businesses are using videos as a part of their marketing strategy in 2023. 

Continue reading to find out how to apply creativity and use Wave.Video's mp3 cutter.

5 Creative Ways to Use the Wave.Video Audio Trimmer

Wave video's built-in audio trimmer allows you a lot of room for creativity. Here are five creative ways to use the audio trimmer:

1. Upload Your Own Audio

If you're using a desktop PC or a laptop and you already have an existing audio saved on your device, you can upload this audio once you're signed in to Wave and access the mp3 cutter online. It's a simple tool and easy to use. Convert YouTube to mp3, cutter allows you to further trim your video clip and make it shorter. Beginners can utilize this tool just like you're editing a Facebook reel or Facebook story on your social media account. 

2. Record Your Own Voice

Go to My Projects on the upper right hand corner of the screen. Click on New Recording tab. Then, choose between Simple or Advanced option when starting a new recording. A prompt will notify that Wave wants to access your camera and microphone. Click the 'Allow' button. You can choose the layout whether it's just camera that you need, camera plus screen, or screen and audio. With the last option, you can use your mic for the voiceover and at the same time record your screen and share the video. It will ask what contents you would like to share on your screen: Chrome tab, Window, or the entire screen. Once you have selected your desired contents to appear on the screen, tick on 'Share system audio' then click 'Share' button. Once you're ready, click the Record button. Then, click Save and Exit. It will redirect you to the online mp3 cutter page where you can still adjust the length of your audio--you can still make it shorter if you want to. Once your happy with modifying your audio, click on 'Trim' with the scissor icon and it's ready to download on your device or publish. 

3. Add Music and Sound Effects to Your Video

You can also use the Audio Trimmer to add music or sound effects to your video. There are two ways to add music to your video:

1. Upload your music from your device

2. Select from the variety of free music, audio clips, and sound from the free library.

Wave has a massive 300,000 music tracks to choose from. Once you're in the audio trimming editor, select the recording you're editing then click on Audio on the left side of the screen. Type the keyword on the search bos for the music or sound effect you're looking for or select on a category of Music–whether you want the background sound to be for business or for easy listening, and inspiring you've got those options to make your video more appealing and catchy. Once you're happy with your selection, click ‘Add' and the music will be added to your video recording.

4. Change the Volume and Add a Fade in Fade out Effect

Amazingly, you can modify the volume of your audio by adjusting the percentage on the right side of the screen of Audio trimmer editor. Click the arrow on the drop down menu and you can toggle the volume and adjust from 0 up to 200 percent. Also, it can allow you to add a Fade in Fade Out effect on your audio or voice recording. Plus, it allows you to choose how many seconds you want the audio to fade in and fade out. The maximum duration is 5 seconds for adding the Fade in and Fade out effect.

5. Add Up to 3 Audio Tracks Simultaneously

On the left bottom corner of your Audio Trimming editor, you will see the three lines that says 'Tracks.' Click on that and tick on the left side of the boxes named Audio 1, Audio 2, and Audio 3. Tick on the boxes Audio 1 to 3 if you need 3 audio tracks playing at the same time. Or you can just tick on Audio 1 if you just need one background music playing in the duration of the video. Select the area where you want to add music. Clicks (+Audio) each time you would like to insert music in the timeline. You can play the 3 audios at the same time. Try it!


There's a lot you can do with Wave.Video editor. Using this Audio trimmer editor allows you to use captions so that your message for your audience would be clear even when their devices are on silent mode. Wave.Video offers free mp3 cutter where you can split or trim your video or recording, add background music, a voiceover or special sound effects to help you create a perfect video for your social media content. Upload your existing audio or select from the massive library of audio tracks. Adding music is a great way for your video to grab attention and inspire the target audience. 

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