5 Must-Try Restaurants in New York City

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A perfect blend of traditional and modern, New York City is home to some of the most diverse cuisines in the world. You'll never be bored exploring the food scene from Korean to Italian and everything in between. However, with so many options on offer and only so much time on your hands, wading through the choppy waters of NYC's culinary scene can be tough.

Luckily, a few restaurants should be at the top of your dinner list during your stay.


These are 5 Must-Try Restaurants in New York City.

1. Blue Hill at Stone Barns

Blue Hill at Stone Barns is Located in Pocantico Hills. This farm-to-table restaurant showcases seasonal ingredients to create an entirely organic menu. They paired modern New York City style with rustic elegance; this is one of the most sophisticated yet homey places you can dine.

Blue Hill at Stone Barns offers an extensive tasting menu, where you can try various dishes from their extensive menu. The Green Restaurant Association even accredits the restaurant, so you know all the ingredients are fresh, healthy, and sustainable. Make a reservation here if you're willing to splurge on a meal guaranteed to impress during your stay in NYC. You'll be treated like royalty on this beautiful land in upstate New York.

2. Barrel Room

Barrel Room is one of the Chelsea restaurants and bars that has it all. Featuring a delightful wine list with over 500 wines from all over the world, Barrel Room's extensive selection of spirits will no doubt leave you wanting more. Their bartenders know their stuff when it comes to cocktails as well! What's more, Barrel Room boasts an impressive lunch and dinner menu for any palate. Be sure to check out their daily specials, which are as varied as they are delicious.

3. Artichoke Basille's Pizza

Artichoke Basille's Pizza is one of the most beloved foods worldwide, and New York City has some of the best you'll ever have. The restaurant has a unique style with homey decor and friendly waiters. It's extremely popular among tourists and locals, so it's always busy. You'll probably have to wait at least 20 minutes to get a table here on peak nights. Try their pizza, and if you're lucky, you'll meet the chef himself and hear some of the stories that go on at his station in the kitchen.

4. Balthazar

Balthazar is the city's first Michelin three-star restaurant. It is famous for its seasonal tasting menu, where you get to sample a variety of intensive dishes, from lighter salads to its famous foie gras mousse. The culinary staff here have to apply for a position yearly and are typically older, more experienced chefs. They take pride in creating innovative and exciting food for the New York dining experience. The ambiance is sophisticated and romantic without the casualness of a more laid-back restaurant. You'll feel special, and the staff will treat you like royalty. Dress up in your finest, because they take their job extremely seriously.

5. Florent

Florent restaurant has a French influence, with its rustic decor and colorful walls. The menu takes inspiration from nature; Florent offers fresh ingredients that are locally sourced, as well as wines from France to pair with your meal. They have a seasonal menu, and most of their ingredients are local from the Hudson Valley area.

Florent is perfect for a date night or special occasion, but it won't break your bank even if you're not treating yourself. The prices are affordable, and drinks are decently priced. If you want to splurge on a meal that will be remembered for years, make sure to visit Florent for dinner during your stay in NYC. You'll fall in love with the food and the ambiance here.


There you have it”the five restaurants that should be at the top of your dinner list when you visit New York City. They each have their style and ambiance, with a few having a formal feel while others are more casual. New York City is the perfect place to experience an array of cuisines, and these five restaurants are some of the best.

There's no better way to enjoy your vacation than with an authentic taste of New York, so stop by these restaurants on your next visit.

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