5 Reasons Aircrafts Can Have Such Smooth Takeoffs and Touchdowns

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The aviation industry is one of the biggest in the world. It generates billions of dollars in revenue annually and transports millions of passengers. It's an industry with countless moving parts, and decades of technological inventions and innovations to support the vehicles and ground support equipment used. Traveling by air is something that people used to dream and fantasize about, and this technology has allowed it to be such an ingrained part of everyday life that people take it for granted. However, more preparation goes into each flight than you may think. Keep reading to find out how aircraft can provide smooth takeoffs and touchdowns.


Aerodynamic design

One of the biggest reasons aircraft can perform smooth landings, takeoffs, and flights is because of the aerodynamic design that they have. They're built from low-density metals, allowing them to be as light as possible while still being sturdy enough to transport hundreds of people, sometimes through bad weather and strong winds. The plane itself is narrow, starting with the nose that can cut through wind to the wings that are as thin as possible while still being able to glide in the air. Every surface on the plane is smooth, making it easy for the air to roll off. This is to ensure that the drag coefficient is as low as possible, meaning that there's less drag and a smoother flight. This design has been perfected over decades, thanks to the efforts of countless brilliant engineers.


Powerful engines

The engines used in planes are very powerful, and for good reason. They're the primary source of power and thrust and allow planes to fly while supporting tons of weight in the form of passengers, luggage, attendants, food, and other services. The engines in commercial airliners can produce up to 100,000 pounds of thrust, ideal for taking hundreds of people worldwide at high speeds. These engines are another part of the plane that has been meticulously developed and improved over the years. Newer jet engines keep efficiency in mind, reducing fuel consumption as much as possible. Some engines are entirely electrical, too.


Support from ground units

A crucial element in smooth takeoff is the passenger boarding process, tests, and equipment functionality checking during this time. Airlines provide their commercial planes with all the tools they need during this process, and perhaps the most important is the GPU, or ground power unit. These units are connected to the plane to charge the devices onboard and provide electricity before the engine turns on. Aircraft GPU load banks allow technicians to test and improve vital equipment that will be used during the flight, and without these, the plane wouldn't be able to take off.


Flight control systems

Thanks to the contributions of the best software engineers in the world, modern aircraft come equipped with high-grade flight control systems. These systems are important for coordinating the functions of the plane and automating other controls like adjusting the wheels, wings, ailerons, and the engines of the plane. They're active throughout the flight, especially during takeoff and landing, to guide pilots and ensure the process is as safe and smooth as possible by adjusting speeds and providing visual feedback.


Pilot training

The pilot is the most important person on the plane during your flight. They're in charge of everything from the speed to takeoff and landing. Airlines ensure the pilots they're trusting with millions of dollars of equipment and countless lives are highly trained, some requiring tens of thousands of hours before they're given this responsibility. Their expertise and experience are central to the flight experience, and they can ensure smooth takeoff and landings.



If you told someone a few centuries ago that they could fly to another part of the world just by paying a few dollars, they'd be shocked, amazed, and, perhaps mainly, scared. It's only due to the efforts of hundreds of thousands of scientists over decades that air travel has been refined to the point that most people consider it safe. It's one of the safest forms of transport and the fastest and most efficient. Billions of dollars in development have ensured that this is the case, with the takeoff and touchdowns being a vital part of the flight experience. Now that you've read the information in this article, you'll have a better idea of how companies can make this part of the flight so smooth. 

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