5 Reasons to Choose Vinyl Casement Windows for Your Home

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Vinyl casement windows are one of the most popular models chosen by homeowners who want to improve both the appearance and functionality of their homes. 

If you are in the process of selecting suitable window systems, pay attention to the following advantages of these products:


1. Energy efficiency

Vinyl casement windows are the most energy-saving among all other models of non-fixed windows.

Therefore, if it is important for you to maintain a stable temperature inside the dwelling and at the same time be able to regularly ventilate the room, the casement structures are exactly what you need. They will protect you from draughts, high humidity, noise, mold and other unpleasant moments that occur when installing cheap models.

Please, note - all energy-efficient products should be labeled with an Energy Star sticker.


2. Enhanced security

Casement windows are considered safer than other products because they are attached to hinges on the sides and may have multiple locking points.

You can further enhance the reliability of the design by adding shields or grilles.


3. Low maintenance cost

Models with hinged sashes do not need any special care. Vinyl is quite durable: it does not rot, does not deform, does not require regular repainting, etc. To clean the surface, just wash the frame and glass with a special detergent, and your windows will look the same as on the day you installed them!


4. Excellent ventilation

By installing casement window structures, you can open both one and two sashes, thus regulating the flow of fresh air entering the dwelling.


5. Versatility

This is one of the most customizable options: you can choose any size, design, color, finish and glazing suitable for your home interior.

In order not to spend a lot of time searching for high-quality energy-efficient vinyl casement windows, we recommend visiting the online store of Vinyl Light Windows and Doors. This brand has made Canadian homes lighter, more comfortable and more beautiful for over 14 years.

By contacting Vinyl Light, you can count on an individual approach to your project, accurate adherence to deadlines and competent installation of window systems at your site. We are sure you will be pleased with such a repair!

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