5 Reasons We Must Protect the Health and Wellbeing of Veterans

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Veterans are an important and valuable asset to society. They have served the country with courage and dedication, and as a result, they often face unique challenges that can impact their livelihood. For this reason, people must take steps to protect and support the health and well-being of veterans. This article will discuss five reasons why prioritizing veterans is important.


Reasons to Preserve Veterans' Health and Wellbeing


Unique Healthcare Needs

Veterans often have unique healthcare needs that are related to their military service. For example, they may be at increased risk for certain medical conditions, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury (TBI), and other mental health issues. It is important to provide specialized care to address these needs and ensure that veterans receive the appropriate treatment and support.


Increased Risk for Substance Abuse

Studies have shown that veterans are at an increased risk for substance abuse, including alcohol and drug addiction. This may be partly due to the stress and trauma associated with military service. It is important to provide resources and support to help veterans overcome these challenges.


Struggles with Social Isolation

Many veterans struggle with social isolation and feelings of disconnection from their communities after their military service ends, which can have negative impacts on their mental health and contentment with life. It is important to provide veterans opportunities to connect with their communities and offer resources and support to help them transition back into civilian life.


Barriers to Employment & Financial Stability

Veterans tend to face barriers to employment and financial stability due to their military service, including disabilities related to their service, limited job opportunities, and difficulty accessing education and training. Considering this, veterans should receive additional support and access to resources that ensure they are in a good position to achieve financial stability and independence.


Significant Sacrifices for Our Country

Finally, the most important reason to prioritize veterans is that they have made significant sacrifices for their country and deserve to be honored for their efforts. They have put their lives on the line to defend countless freedoms and many people's ways of life. It is a responsibility and privilege to ensure that they receive the care and support they deserve.


Benefits of Protecting the Health & Wellbeing of Veterans


Improved Quality of Life for Veterans

Veterans who receive adequate medical care, mental health services, and support for housing and substance abuse are more likely to lead fulfilling and healthy lives. People can help veterans overcome many challenges by doing what they can to ensure that they have access to these essential services.


Economic Benefits

Veterans who receive adequate care and support are more likely to be able to work and contribute to society. By providing employment and education opportunities, society can give back to veterans and help them build meaningful careers that contribute to the economy.


Reduced Healthcare Costs

By providing preventative care and early intervention, individuals can reduce the likelihood of chronic conditions developing, ultimately leading to savings on long-term healthcare costs. Additionally, by fighting for fair compensation for veterans with asbestos exposure and other service-related health risks, the public can help further alleviate the costs associated with medical expenses, enabling veterans to live with dignity.


Boosting Community Health

Veterans are just as essential to our communities as anyone else, and their overall well-being can significantly impact those around them. By providing support and care for veterans, people can improve the health and longevity of the entire community.


Factors to Consider for Supporting Veterans' Health and Wellbeing



One of the most important factors to consider is funding. Protecting veterans requires significant financial resources, and it is essential to ensure that sufficient funding is available to support the necessary programs and services.


Access to Services

Another crucial factor to consider is access to these services. Veterans may face several barriers to accessing essential services, including transportation, availability, and affordability. Therefore, ensuring veterans have easy access to support services is crucial.


Coordinated Care

Coordinated care is essential in ensuring that veterans receive the best possible care. Many veterans may require multiple services from different providers so ensuring that their care is coordinated and comprehensive is of utmost importance.



The general public owes a lot to its veterans. Whether providing access to medical care, mental health services, housing support, substance abuse treatment, or simply paying respect and appreciation for their service, people must do everything to ensure that veterans receive the care and support they deserve. By doing so, they can repay them for their sacrifice and help them live healthy, fulfilling lives after their time in the military is complete.

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