5 Surprising Elements to Boost Your Appetite

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Appetite is a biological factor that influences eating behavior. People with a good appetite eat more food than people with a small appetite.

Appetite is an integral part of our daily lives. The stronger your appetite is, the more you will eat and the healthier you will be. It can also help you shed weight by helping you cut down on snacking between meals.

People with a good appetite also have more energy and can do more work than people with a small appetite.

Appetite is affected by many factors, including stress level, hormone balance, medications, diet, and lifestyle. If you are not eating enough food to stay healthy or maintain your weight, something else may be at play. Here are seven things that can help increase your appetite:

Eat small, regular meals and drink plenty of water.

Eating smaller meals in the day can help keep your blood sugar stable and your energy levels up. It also helps prevent overeating at mealtime, leading to weight gain. Eating every three to five hours is ideal for keeping your metabolism strong and preventing overeating at mealtimes. If you eat only one or two large meals per day, your body will store those calories as fat and won't burn them for energy.

Water is essential for good health. It helps flush toxins and keeps joints lubricated, moving easily without pain or stiffness. It also aids in digestion by helping food move through your intestine more quickly to absorb nutrients into the bloodstream more efficiently. Drinking 8 glasses each day may help increase your appetite and improve digestion and hydration levels overall in your body.

Exercise regularly.

Exercise is another effective way to increase your appetite. If you are not exercising regularly, it is time to start now. It has many benefits, e.g., reducing stress and improving sleep patterns. Apart from all these health benefits, exercise also helps to increase your appetite. Exercise increases your metabolism rate, allowing your body to burn more calories and shed those extra pounds easily. Moreover, exercise also helps to improve your mood and makes you feel good about yourself, leading to eating more food than usual. So start exercising today if you want to eat more!

Get plenty of rest.

If you're trying to get more calories in, the last thing you want is to be tired and lethargic. Therefore, get enough sleep at night. Eight hours of sleep will help you feel more energized during the day and help your body regulate its appetite hormones to feel less hungry throughout the day.

Studies show that sleep deprivation can trigger a drop in leptin levels, which is the hormone that signals satiety. So make sure you're getting enough sleep every night, and aim for 7-8 hours per night.


Vaping can be an effective way to boost your appetite and increase your caloric intake.

CBD vape juice is a cannabinoid that occurs naturally in the cannabis plant. It’s one of only two cannabinoids known to produce appetite-stimulating effects. Because of its unique ability to stimulate appetite, cbd vape juice has been studied as a treatment option for people who experience loss of appetite due to their medical conditions. However, we recommend you consult trusted cbd vape juice retailer before trying out any CBD products.

CBD vape juice may also have potential therapeutic benefits. CBD vape juice is also known to stimulate the “reward center” of the brain. This means that consuming CBD vape juice creates a sense of pleasure or euphoria, making consuming food more enjoyable for some people than without CBD vape juice consumption.

Eat with others when possible.

The more family/friends you eat with, the more likely you will eat more. A study from the University of Birmingham found that people who ate with others consumed more food than those who ate alone.

When you eat alone, your mind tends to wander, and you may not be as aware of how much food you're consuming.

But when you eat with others — especially if it's a group of family members or friends — you tend to pay more attention to what's going on around you. You're also more likely to enjoy your food and savor each bite because you want to fit in with the group.

Another benefit of eating in groups is that you'll be able to share what you're eating and get feedback from others. That allows you to know how much you're eating, which can help prevent over and under-eating.

If your friends don't seem interested in joining you for a meal, try bringing them along on your next grocery shopping trip. If they see what's available and how affordable it is, they might be more willing to join you for dinner at home.

If possible, eat with others at least once a day (breakfast and lunch are good times).


Food is meant to be enjoyed. It should not be a chore that you force yourself to do because "it's good for you." Incorporate healthy foods into your meals to boost your appetite, but don't feel bad if it isn't perfect.

The goal of eating better (and exercising) is to lead a happier life. What will get you there is adapting the healthy habits above and planning to avoid temptations. And if you're still having difficulty, it never hurts to talk to your doctor. It might help you regain your lost appetite.

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