5 Things to Know Before Moving to Oklahoma City, OKC

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OKC is a great place to live since it has all the benefits of a big city without the high expense, exciting outdoor activities (who doesn't love the rodeo?), and plenty of jobs. If this sounds like the place for you, here are some things you need to know before selling your home and moving to Oklahoma City. 


Affordable Cost of Living

Currently, the U.S. standard of living is measured against a 100-point index. The overall cost of living in Oklahoma City is $84.4. Because of this, living costs are significantly lower than in other parts of the country.

First, let's talk about the cost of housing. The greater Oklahoma City area has an average monthly rent of approximately $800 for an apartment with one bedroom. About $1,500 per month is the average for a four-bedroom house. The 1.06% property tax rate is good news if you want to buy a home in Oklahoma City. If you'd rather live in a quiet neighborhood than a high-rise, you should have no trouble finding a place to call home in OKC.


Thriving Job Market

If you move to Oklahoma City, you can work in various fields. Oklahoma City is not just a significant oil hub but is also home to the largest livestock market in the world. Among the many famous local employers are Chesapeake Energy and Devon Energy. 

Manufacturing, biotechnology, aviation, and technology startups thrive in Oklahoma City. Oklahoma City is a great area to set up shop if you've ever thought of going into business for yourself.


Fun for the Entire Family

Young people make up around a quarter of OKC's population.  The city's youthful energy means plenty of fun things for the whole family, like visiting zoos, museums, and other fun, family-friendly spaces. Plus, you can rest assured that your pets will adore life in OKC. There are many dog parks and green spaces for your dogs to run around in, and many bars and patios welcome your four-legged friends. OKC restricts four dogs per family, but that simply reflects how much their residents adore their canine companions.


Public Transportation Is Lacking

Oklahoma City has some public transportation options, but they only sometimes reach the suburbs, where residents and workers would benefit the most from them. So you'll need a vehicle to move around.

As frustrating as traffic is elsewhere, Oklahoma City can be downright terrifying. It has among the worst accident rates, road conditions, and dangerous driving practices of any major city. Potholes, deteriorating pavement, and broken bridges are all signs of failing infrastructure. 

Unfortunately, deteriorating infrastructure is the norm in much of the United States. However, it's important to remember that details like these can impact your auto insurance premiums. Drivers in cities with a higher accident rate pay more for their insurance because of the perceived higher risk they pose.


Climate Change Causes Fickle Seasons

Oklahoma City is a beautiful place to visit any time of year. The brisk winds of winter accompany the joy of the holidays, and the warm breezes of summer provide welcome relief. Unfortunately, climate change increases the frequency of extreme weather events like floods and droughts. The danger of a wildfire is likewise moderate in Oklahoma City. Oklahoma City is smack dab in the middle of Tornado Alley. Be wary of the neighborhoods you are considering, and secure adequate homeowners or renters insurance in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

Moving to a new place is difficult enough, so make sure you take the time to prepare yourself by researching the area as much as possible. The Oakies are known for their generosity and hospitality. So, if you're excited about a low cost of living and experiencing all four seasons, you're sure to find welcoming neighbors in your new location. 

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