5 Things to Look for in an IT Solutions Company

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IT solutions companies provide businesses with tools to stay competitive with technology tools and system updates, while providing maintenance for existing systems and updates - often known as managed service providers.

Make sure that the IT solutions company you choose offers 24/7/365 customer support so your staff can address issues swiftly and efficiently.


1. Experience

Finding an IT solutions company capable of meeting the size and expansion needs of your organization is important when selecting one for services. When speaking with potential providers, ask how many engineers they employ as well as which types of IT services they offer.

Look for a provider that provides proactive management to reduce break/fix tickets. This can include monitoring your network, alerting you of issues early, and working directly with vendors on your behalf.

They should understand your industry and help select tools to increase productivity and meet business goals, set up backups for you to test regularly, and ensure data protection is prioritized. A good IT firm will make you their priority and are happy to share their client stories.


2. Certifications

Certifications are trusted marks of competence within the IT field and often play an influential role in salaries; professionals with more certifications typically receive higher pay.

Search for an IT solution company with experience with your specific IT system type, particularly when it comes to cybersecurity. Cyber threats are constantly emerging; thus, your chosen provider must remain aware of these newer risks and how best to counteract them.

Reputable IT solutions companies should provide references from satisfied clients and evidence of their work, in addition to offering Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions such as on-premise backups and cloud backups that ensure data safety in case of an IT catastrophe.


3. Reputation

Before trusting an IT solutions company with critical components of your business, make sure they have an impeccable track record. Do this by researching customer reviews and speaking to previous clients.

IT industries are highly competitive spaces, and companies often employ chief reputation officers (CRO). This individual oversees the strategic development and management of an organization's reputation.

Field Nation offers IT as a Service (ITSaaS) solutions to businesses across the United States. Their offerings include cloud communication, cybersecurity, network management and pay-as-you-go plans geared specifically to businesses with limited IT needs. Furthermore, Field Nation maintains a network of local IT experts who can offer assistance as needed.


4. Pricing

Most businesses rely on technology companies for products and services they need to run their operations successfully, including hardware, software, online tools, cyber security solutions, etc.

Pricing strategies play a pivotal role in any company's ability to attract and retain customers. Offering prices that are too high can turn away potential clients while setting them too low may result in lost revenues and profits.

When selecting an IT solutions provider, be mindful of their pricing structure. Seek plans that meet both your budget and flexibility needs while being flexible enough for growth with your business. Also ensure they have clearly-outlined service level agreements (also referred to as guarantee response times) within their contract documents. IT services pricing can vary widely depending on the specific needs of your business, but it's important to find a provider that offers transparent and competitive pricing.


5. Timely Response

Un obliging company that takes too long to respond can leave their customer feeling ignored, negatively impacting the brand experience. Make sure your provider offers 24/7/365 customer support so that your customers can always receive help when needed.

IT solutions companies can offer businesses more efficiency when it comes to technology than they could achieve themselves, since they keep an eye on all facets of your IT and can advise how best to utilize new technologies to gain a competitive advantage.

Selecting an IT solutions company that best meets the needs of your business can be instrumental to its growth and expansion. Hiring the appropriate firm can save both time and money, as well as provide you with more opportunities for improvement rather than "putting out fires".

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