5 Tips to Buy the Best Corporate Gifts in Singapore

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The key aspect of long-term success for any business establishment is building strong relationships. This is why sending out corporate gifts in Singapore is no longer an option but a necessity.

Many companies today choose to give gifts to their employees for a job well done or to their clients as a thank you gift. The reason behind this is simple “ over the years, corporate gifting has turned out to be a proven marketing tactic.

Showing your love and affection by rewarding your employees regularly motivates them to work harder. It could lead to a better employee retention rate and overall productivity. Whereas, sending gifts to clients ensures that they choose you over your competitors again and again. They might even refer your services to others, and so on.

Although the challenge for a business owner is beyond the benefits of corporate gifts. It's about how to buy the perfect gift. Do you find a company for t-shirt printing in Singapore and hand out customised t-shirts? Or do you go for coffee mugs?

If you are facing a similar dilemma, allow us to help you through it. Check out the 5 tips for buying the best corporate gifts in Singapore below:


Know who you are buying the gifts for

Gifts of all sorts need to be from the receiver's perspective. For example, if you are looking for corporate gifts to give to your employees, think like them. The gift needs to be personal so that they can connect with it instantly. You can even have your HR department do a quick survey on what the team would love as a present. Even if the gift is a corporate reward, it must be thoughtful.

On the other hand, if the gifts are for the clients, they should be practical and smart. You can go for thermal water bottles. Just find a reliable water thermal bottle printing service and have your brand's name and motto on it. This way, you are not only sending a gift but letting the clients know about your brand and its value. It is also a great way to market your brand, especially if it's relatively new.


Don't compromise on quality

When you are buying corporate gifts in Singapore, don't think of it as a job. You cannot hand over poor-quality gifts as a formality and get away with it. Make sure the receivers feel appreciated and valued through your gift. If you give just any random item as a gift, you not only break the bond with your clients but also become vulnerable to having a bad reputation.

Quality gifts should be your number one priority. So, take your time when you are searching for a corporate gift provider in Singapore. Don't shop at the first store you find. If you find a quality store, do some research on them. Check the quality of products they offer, how many choices they have, and more.


Set up a budget for corporate gifts

Whether you run a small or big business, corporate gifting will require a decent budget. Therefore, it would be ideal if you made room for these gifts while working on the annual finances. As mentioned above, you must buy top-quality products, and for that, you might have to spend a little more than you initially planned. Your budget will save you the trouble of managing money after buying these gifts.

Additionally, by setting up a separate budget, you ensure that you don't have to compromise by buying poor gifts. You can go through different options within your budget and give yourself a chance to buy the best gift. Keep the budget flexible, as sometimes you may need to go all out on these gifts. As an employer, you would worry about such expenses, but the questions are employee gifts tax deductible? For example, if you are handing over gifts at any major corporate event, you should get an extensive range of high-quality gifts.


Know why you are handing out gifts

Rewarding your clients or employees with gifts can be tricky. You do not want to give them a poor-quality gift, as talked about in the earlier tip and disappoint them. However, you also shouldn't end up buying too expensive presents. Giving an extravagant gift once might not affect you that much. But when you decide to reward somebody the next time, they will surely have bigger expectations.

This is why it's smart to keep the gifts simple but practical. What gift you are giving should be based on the reason for the gift. If an employee is being appreciated for work ethics or some achievement, the gift should be chosen accordingly. You could go for key chains, mugs, power banks, etc. You can put in a little more effort for a client's gift. You can choose from wooden coasters, face towels, t-shirts, and more.


Shop at a trustworthy corporate gifts store

T-shirts and coffee mugs are some of the most common corporate gifts. So, you might be searching for a place for t-shirt printing in Singapore and customised coffee mugs. If you find a gift store that can offer you both of these things and more, they could be the right choice. Choosing a service for corporate gifts is a long-term commitment, so you must choose a place that can be trusted.

Start by checking what their previous customers have to say about their products. If possible, read through the reviews or check the ratings. This is the best way to get an idea of whether a customised gift store is suited for you or not. If you know someone who has shopped at that store before, you can ask them personally about their experience. Once you find a store with quality gifts at decent prices, half the job is already done.



For those of you who were having trouble shopping for corporate gifts in Singapore or wanted to give it a try, we have all the information you need. As far as finding a reliable customised gift service in Singapore is concerned, visit Josa Imaging. They have a comprehensive collection of quality corporate gifts, t-shirt printing in Singapore, and a lot more. Visit their website to learn about their services.

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