5 Ways to Naturally Get Rid of Dark Circles under Your Eyes

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Everyone has had dark circles under their eyes at one time or another. Many things can cause them to form, and not all of them may be something you want to talk about with your doctor. But you’re not alone in this struggle; dark circles can happen to anyone, no matter what time of year it is.

1. Skin-Lightening Cream

It is a great way to brighten the skin under your eyes when they look tired, as well as reduce dark circles when they’re due to lack of sleep. The cream will help reduce inflammation, which makes your eyes look tired more quickly. The brightening eye patch is likely the easiest way to use a skin-lightening product, and it’s easy to apply the cream without messing up your makeup. For an even easier application, try applying a skin-lightening cream under your eyes at night rather than during the day.

2. Detox and Moisturize

Your skin is an organ that helps eliminate impurities in your body. When you don’t get enough sleep, your body isn’t able to detox properly, which can lead to dark circles under your eyes. To help prevent them from forming, drink plenty of water. The water will help flush out impurities in your skin, but it will also give your cells the moisture they need to continue functioning properly without drying out or becoming inflamed. A good moisturizer can also be beneficial in removing dark circles.

You may want to look for a cream with vitamin C or licorice extract, as they have anti-inflammatory effects that help reduce the puffiness under your eyes. You could also try using a mask high in antioxidants that will help repair your skin from the inside out by fighting free radicals, which are the chemical byproducts of aging and pollution that damage the skin and make it look older.

3. Apply a Cold Compress

A cold compress is another way of natural dark circles treatment. A cold compress helps reduce swelling, minimize puffiness and improve blood circulation. It can also help reduce inflammation under your eyes. The cold touch will help constrict the blood vessels, reducing the amount of redness and swelling present.

You want to ensure you apply it for at least 20 minutes daily and repeat it if necessary. It is an easy way to feel your skin rejuvenated and can even be beneficial for your eye bags.

4. Use a Sleep Mask

A good night’s sleep can help reduce dark circles under your eyes with its natural anti-inflammatory properties and healing properties. If you’re having trouble sleeping, try wearing a sleep mask the night before you go to bed to see if the blackness disappears or if the puffiness toned down a little. You may also consider getting an eye mask designed for nighttime use.

These typically have some sleeping function that will help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer when using them during the night. It’s essential only to use sleep masks designed for nighttime use because you could be blocking out the light that keeps your circadian rhythm in check. If you want to replace a whole night’s sleep with an eye mask, one of the best ones would be the ideal natural cream-infused eye pads. They are filled with natural ingredients that don’t irritate sensitive skin and are soothing on the eyes when used overnight.

5. Cold Tea Bags

The caffeine in tea is known to be a natural diuretic, which might sound counter-productive to your goal of getting rid of dark circles. However, applying a cold tea bag to your eyes will help reduce swelling and inflammation, which can help reduce puffiness and may even help reduce dark circles. Make sure you don’t apply the tea bag for too long — about 15 minutes should be plenty of time to work its effects on your skin without irritating it. If you have sensitive skin or have never used this treatment, start with a less concentrated tea like chamomile and work your way up.

Many options help brighten your eyes and reduce dark circles, so you don’t have to be stuck with them forever. You may want to try a few different remedies before deciding which ones you want to keep using. You can see how they work; that way, you can find one that’s right for your skin type. Make sure you consult a dermatologist before trying out any new cream or treatment, whether you can buy over the counter or something your skin care professional recommends.

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