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The UAE has begun granting tourists with five-year multi-entry visas in an effort to encourage longer and more frequent visits.

It allows tourists to enter multiple times during the calendar year or to stay for 90 days and then extend their stay for another 90 days.

The system will benefit those with family members living outside of the country, as well as businesses looking to bring personnel in and out of the country for meetings and other activities.

"It will facilitate family travel and will also attract a lot more tourists who have no connection to the UAE, resulting in increased footfall," said Haider Hussain, a partner at Fragomen, an immigration services firm.

"Traditionally, people would come in for 30 or 90 days of short-term travel from India, Pakistan, or other countries that require visas to enter the UAE."

"As a result, an increasing number of people who are qualified will apply for this five-year visa and will be able to visit Dubai and the UAE whenever they choose."

It allows visitors who are already in the country to extend their stay for another 90 days.

"This will make it easier for residents and their extended families to travel into the UAE," he said.

"If people want to, they can stay for six months at a time."

As part of a series of visa amendments announced by the UAE Cabinet this week, more information on how visitors can stay for longer starting in September were disclosed.

The five-year tourist visa system was announced during a Cabinet meeting in March 2021, and the first visas were granted shortly after.

Mr Hussain said, "It's a reasonably rapid procedure, and we've had a few visas awarded."

"In terms of approvals coming through, we're seeing a week's timeline."

The entry permit functions as a self-sponsored visa because individuals can apply for it directly online rather than through a travel agency, hotel, or relative in the UAE.

As long as the appropriate paperwork is supplied, the approval process is swift.

The following are the specifics and steps:

What are the requirements for the five-year tourist visas? What are the requirements?

Citizens of all nations are eligible for the five-year multi-entry tourist visa. A passport with a six-month validity at the time of submission, a passport-size photograph, medical insurance valid for the UAE, and a bank statement from the previous six months with a minimum balance of $4,000 or equivalent in another currency are all required.

Mr Hussain explained, "The six-month bank record demonstrating that the amount has never gone below $4,000 is vital to even being evaluated."

"That is the most important requirement to meet; the other standards are very conventional." Because it is a five-year multiple entry visa, applications are scrutinized and thoroughly reviewed."

How do you apply for the 5 years Tourist Visa in UAE?

The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security website accepts applications online.

Applicants who want to get their visa from within the nation should go to one of the certified typing centers.

The ICA has provided instructions for applying.

Log on to the ICA website, choose Smart Channels, Visa Service, fill out the form, and upload the appropriate attachments.

Visitors and residents can log in https://smartservices.icp.gov.ae/ to apply.

Multinational organizations can complete the application procedure in Dubai for employees who travel internationally regularly.

How much does the 5 years Tourist Visa in UAE cost?

The five-year visa with multiple entries costs Dh650 plus a Dh50 service fee.

Can I extend my visa when I’m still in the United Arab Emirates?

The initial visa allows you to stay in the UAE for 90 days in a year from the date of your first admission. This can be extended once more for another 90 days. The maximum stay allowed under this visa is 180 days per year.

Which authority do I approach to issue the new visa?

Foreign nationals who match the qualifying requirements can apply for this self-sponsored visa. Companies in Dubai can also offer this visa to international staff after registering with Dubai Tourism through their website. An authorized typing center or a government service center can assist a person in completing the application and ensuring that the qualifying conditions are met and the application is approved. Individuals can apply on their own behalf.

How can a company get a five-year visa for international staff?

To make the application process easier and give simple access to the city for overseas tourists, Dubai created a five-year multi-entry visa for employees of international enterprises operating in the emirate.

Instead of using a tourist agency, companies must register with Dubai Tourism, open a file for the company, and then begin filing for their personnel. Employees will be granted the same five-year multi-entry visit visa, but through the firm. Only companies that have been approved are eligible.

What are the other tourist visa options available?

A UAE certified tourism agency can provide a 30 or 90-day single entry tourist visa for between Dh300 and Dh600. From September, travelers will be able to enter the UAE and stay for a minimum of 60 days. The Cabinet recently accepted this decision.

If a tourist over stays, what is the grace period?

The grace period for leaving without incurring any overstay penalty is 10 days after the tourist visa expires.

What is the fine per day for expired tourist visas?

Overstaying your allotted stay in the UAE on a tourist visa will result in a fine of Dh100 per day.

Overstaying guests must pay an extra charge for an exit permit, which must be paid at the time of departure.

#This article was originally published in November 2021, and it has been modified to reflect current visa legislation.

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