51st UAE National Day Anniversary 2022

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As another year slowly gravitates towards us all, the United Arab Emirates will be adding another year by to its highly celebrated years this December. Asides from the progress report of a developing country that would be recounted, one of the highlights that people enjoy recounting would be the colourful and thunderous fireworks. These fireworks have been identified as one of the traditions of this epoch-making event.


When is the UAE celebrating its anniversary?

As a tradition of growth and a worthy reason for celebration, the people of the UAE celebrate the anniversary of their beloved country on December, 2nd every year. This national day celebration is usually called Al-Eid Al Watani, which means UAE National Day. The highlights of last year's celebration saw different sides of fun and engagement which lasted for a week.

Citizens of Dubai and its environs enjoyed a 4-day weekend holiday from the 1st to the 4th of December to enjoy the maximum celebration without any consideration of barriers or restrictions.

The previous year's edition had the jubilation linger between the 2nd “ 11th of December, 2021.


How old will the UAE be celebrating this year?

Come December, 2nd, 2022, the UAE in her usual practice will be celebrating another year of existence as a country for the 7 constituting Emirates. This year, the UAE will be 51 years as a developing country in the middle east.

Note that the emirates had before now existed independently, but now as a country, the UAE stands to unify the energy and resources from the emirates as an independent global icon to achieve landmark development to revolutionize their quota as a leading name leaving honourable trails in the sands of mankind.


Where are the spots in the UAE where fireworks are expected during the celebrations?

Just like a kid to the news of a lollipop, citizens of the UAE have been used to Fireworks and their locations. Just last year, the UAE had fireworks display in six main locations where they showcased the fireworks. These venues were The Pointe, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Festival City Mall, The Beach, opposite JBR, Atlantis, The Palm Ain Dubai, Blue waters Island, and La Mer, respectively.

While there are many things to look out for in 2022 in the UAE, certainly the location for the fireworks for this year 2022 is one of them, and in all sincerity, we are not yet certain about the location at the time of writing this post.


What was the highlight of the 50th celebration?

The events were greeted with thunderous sounds and thrills from the fireworks at the six notable points that were surrounded by a mammoth crowd looking almost like a festival or concert. Aside from the happy faces and the song of celebration on everyone's lips, the event was held at the perfect location in Hatta Dam where people were able to conveniently surround the mountains without any hiccups.

The event was streamed live for all people either within or outside the UAE. For fun lovers who wanted to experience the sensation at Hatta Dam, they were required to purchase a ticket for Dhs 300.00.


What should we expect in the coming UAE National day in 2022?

The government of the UAE is always one step ahead of the citizens in creating new ways of enjoying the celebration. While some have gotten accustomed to the declaration of holidays, I bet there are more exciting things to come than the fireworks this year.

What we owe ourselves is to stay alive and plan because one can rest assured that it will come with a more colourful program than last year.

For more information on the UAE national day, kindly visit their website www.uaenationalday.ae

Why are people looking forward to this year's 51st annual UAE national day celebration?

Looking back on last year, the country has done so much for itself than before, such that there are so many milestones covered worthy of celebration.

In not so usual manner, there will be more surprises than what anyone would bargain for this year, and this is enough reason for people to look forward to this year's celebration on come 2nd of December, 2022.

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