6 Creative Uses of Wax Seals

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If there is one thing that is permanent about the human experience on earth is that change is quite consistent. Nothing endures forever. Technology is always evolving and changing to meet the needs of the specific generation. New mechanisms regularly replace old technologies for undertaking some tasks.

Wax seals are also part of that change. They have been used for numerous millennia by different generations for different purposes. While in the olden days, it was one of the primary indications of quality and authenticity, the use of wax seals has changed over the years to adopt the form it has in modern times. If you are curious about how to use wax seals in the present age, this article is for you.

Here are six of the most creative ways to use wax seals today.


1. Use Them to Add a Personal Touch To Handwritten Letters and Invitations

Granted, handwritten letters and invitations are slowly fading away with time. Most invitations are sent to people online and through different social media communication platforms.

Looking back, it is highly probable that you have never received a physical invitation or a handwritten letter aside from the regular bills and advertisements from different businesses.

However, you can use wax seals from kiasuprint.com to add flair and class to your various invitations and handwritten letters.

Imagine how appealing it is to send someone a written letter that has a wax seal with your initials or personal crest seals. Wouldn't that show that you gave it a lot of thought? Wouldn't it also show that you are a person of class and stature? Next time you send a letter to someone or issue an invitation to your different events and gatherings, consider putting a wax seal in place.


2. Create Custom Wax Seals For Your Business or Brand Using Your Logo or Unique Design

Branding is integral for any business. Various aspects, such as the business logos, colors, and taglines, determine brand recognition and identity.

Any business that takes time to develop a good brand will likely thrive in the long term since its brand will be easily recognizable by customers. One way to create a good brand recognition device is by using wax seals.

Using customized wax seals decorated with your unique logo and the design characteristic of your company will help increase your brand recognition and the awareness customers have of your brand.

Do you need to be told how beneficial it is for your business if customers quickly and easily recognize your brand? Certainly not. Remember, since wax seals have been a mark of class and quality for many years, anytime a customer sees your seal, they will associate your brand with excellence, class, and permanence.

3. Use Wax Seals to Seal Envelopes or Package

Elegance and class are very important attributes any business should aim to have. Have you ever wondered why brands that portray themselves as affiliated with royalty, elegance, sleekness, and high stature are always more popular than others?

Everyone wants to portray themselves as royalty and as an elegant person. That is why many people are attracted to various monarchs across the globe. If you want to increase the appeal and allure of your business, try using wax seals customized with your brand symbols.

While wax seals not only offer aesthetic purposes but are also functional. Getting a wax seal for your envelopes and packages can help maintain the authenticity, security, and integrity of the contents of any letter and package.

If you want to send a letter or a package to a friend and do not want the contents tampered with, you can place a wax seal on the opening of the package or the envelope. While this is not fool-proof, it can help provide your package with security.


4. Make Unique, Handmade Gifts By Incorporating Wax Seals Into Your Designs

Everyone says that when sending gifts to a friend, it is the thought that counts. What better way to show that you are thinking of the person you are sending the gifts to than sending an elaborate and unique gift? If you want to ensure that your handmade gifts are unique, try using a wax seal across different parts of your gift.

A seal is not a very simple item to create by yourself. It takes some work and dedication as well as skill on your part. Therefore, the recipient will certainly be grateful if you create a handmade gift with workmanship and excellence. It will show that you spent some time and consideration on the gift you are making, which also indicates how valued the recipient of the gift is to you.

5. Use Wax Seals to Add a Vintage or Antique Look

As discussed above, wax seals have been around for quite some time. Therefore, they are an enduring symbol of vintage elegance and class.

Alongside other aspects such as family crests, pocket watches, and double-breasted tweed suits, seals have been around for quite a while and will endure for quite more. If you want to ensure that your gift, project, or craft has an antique or vintage look, consider putting a wax seal on it.


6. Use Wax Seals In Your Home Décor

If there is anything that you can learn from visiting museums and antique shops, putting identifying symbols and signs on your vases, candles, and other home décor create a sense of enduring permanence. Everyone knows that an item at an antique shop belongs to a certain historic family when they see the family's symbols, initials, or seals on the specific items.

If you want to maintain this permanence while also providing your home décor a sense of elegance and allure, consider putting a wax seal on some of the most prized items around your house. Think about how beautiful it is when your great-grandchildren see a vase you made for your flowers and know it was yours because of the wax seal!

Wrapping Up

Let us face it; wax seals are here to stay. All we can do is learn to be creative around them and acclimate them to our current circumstances and needs. Suffice it to say if you want to enjoy the full length of the thrill and elegance associated with wax seals, you better try using them as soon as you can.

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