6 Essentials For A Healthy Happy Feline

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Cats are known for being independent and low-maintenance pets; they can clean themselves and hunt for food. However, they also need extra care and necessities to improve their health, mood, and body. Feline deserves to be loved and cared for; they will also give your efforts back by relieving your stress and making you happy. Indeed, a happy cat makes a happy owner.

In addition, coming back home with a smiley cat after a long, stressful day at work is such a wonderful feeling. Here are some tips and essentials to make your feline happy and healthy.

A Full Tummy Can Make a Cat Happy

Feeding your fur baby enough nutrition they need will make them happy. However, refrain from feeding them large amounts of dry foods as they may consume too many carbs, which are bad for their health. On the other hand, you may feed them their all-time favorite meat, fish, and wet foods. These foods may keep your cats healthy and away from illness.

Provide a Comfortable Litter Box

Cats are smart; they can be taught to poop or urinate in a designated place, like a litter box. In addition, cats do not share their toilet, so it is advisable to have one litter box per cat and one additional one in case an emergency happens.

In selecting the right litter box for your fur babies, you must pick the one that is 1.5 times larger than your cat's size. Litter sand is also required in preparing your cat's toilet. For first-time cat owners, you can buy these at PETstock cat supplies online and in-store.

Give Your Cats Their Personal Space

Feline pets are territorial and require space, a bed, and a feeding station, especially when living with other cats or pets. They are usually friendly and social, but sometimes they isolate themselves to feel safe alone.

Give Them a Scratching Post

One main reason cats like to scratch is that they groom their nails in preparation for hunting their predators. As a result, they usually destroy household things, such as carpets, sofas, loafers, couches, etc.

Cat owners should invest in a scratching post to save their belongings and encourage independent play time for their fur babies.

Keep Your Feline Clean

Cats don't require weekly bathing because they can independently clean themselves. But sometimes, it is best to groom your fur babies at a professional pet salon to trim their hair and nails, clean their paws, and brush their teeth.

Make a Plan for Activities

Playing keeps your pet socially active and fit. As a pet owner, spending time with your feline can make them extra happy and healthy. In addition, you can have them play physical activities to maintain their health, weight, and flexibility. An everyday walk can slowly improve their mood, appetite, and wellness.

Happy Cat, Happy Life!

A happy cat can make everything feel lighter and better. Owning one isn't difficult; you must treat your cat well, give them time, and prepare for their needs.

In addition, cats are great friends! They keep you company during your up and down moments, and for that, they deserve to have everything in life, including good food, a comfortable bed, a clean food dispenser, and many more. 

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