6 Liver Health Tips and Warning Signs

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The liver is one really important organ in our body. This is because it plays many important roles in our body which makes its health crucial for our wellbeing. This is because the liver tends to play many important functions in our body.

Liver health problems are many and can affect everyone without any age exception. Even problems like jaundice are even common in younger children and even new-born babies which makes it a cause of concern. So, yes one needs to be really careful about their liver health in order to keep their system going.

Liver infections are even becoming more and more common these days. All thanks to our lifestyle choices and poor immune functions. The liver has to play many important roles in our body such as the formation of blood and removal of toxins from the body. Other than this, the liver synthesizes the chemicals that aid the process of digestion in our body.

I remember one of my colleagues got a serious kind of hepatitis and after she went to a renowned liver specialist in Rawalpindi who diagnosed her with the condition using some common liver tests. This was a surprise for us because there was not really an evident impact of the condition on her health and we had little or no information about the signs of liver disease.

If you are curious about the signs of liver conditions, then here are some of them to know about.

- Your skin and whitish part of your eyes appear yellowish in colour

- Observing swelling in your ankle or legs area

- Abdominal pain or swelling

- Itchiness in your skin

- Fatigue that never leaves your body

- Signs of digestive problems such as nausea or vomit

- Urine colour changes that are too evident

- Stool changes

- Stool changes

Knowing about these signs is really important because this can help to figure out the problem on your own:

Tips to Keep Your Liver Healthy

If you have gone through a liver problem or are at a high-risk of developing the condition, then you may need to focus on your liver health. Here are some of the best liver health tips to know about:

1- Maintain a healthy weight

You have heard about many weight loss benefits. This even includes its role in better liver health. Yes, you need to maintain a healthy body weight to keep your liver healthy because excessive weight can result in the accumulation of fat on your liver which can impact the normal functioning of the liver to a greater extent.

2- A LIVER healthy diet

You can come across many dietary options to support your body health and your liver health is not an exception to this. So make sure to add all these liver-healthy dietary options to your diet. Other than natural components in foods, antioxidants can also help to promote your liver health. Here are some of the liver healthy foods to know about:

- Coffee or tea

- Berries

- Plant consumption or green veggies

- Dry fruits and nuts

- Raw fruits

3- Workout regularly

All of us need to work out to keep ourselves healthy. Right?

But do you know that the right kind of physical activity can help to promote your liver health? Yes, this promotes the removal of toxins from your body and will let you control your body weight which can take a toll on your liver health. When it comes to choosing for such physical activity, you can go for any. Whether it's working or swimming or any other type of physical activity, be mindful of the need to work out for your liver health.

4- Avoid the use of medication

All of us take medications on a routine basis for different reasons. Right? But do you know that excessive medication can also take a toll on your liver health? Yes, the medication's side effects can last longer than you think and can particularly affect your liver health. So, make sure to use these medications in moderation.

5- Be careful with blood transfusion

Yes, you heard me right. Sometimes the trouble-causing bacteria or other organisms can transmit through the fluid. So, make sure to be careful with procedures like a blood transfusion that can expose you to any potential liver-causing germs. If you are even donating blood choose the facility where proper hygiene practices and standards are being followed.

6- Get vaccinated

Next in the list of liver health tips comes the role of vaccination. Yes, there are different liver pathogens that can be prevented through vaccination. All liver vaccinations are readily available on the market and you can get them based upon your physician's recommendation to prevent the onset of any liver problem.

Bottom Line!

All these liver health tips can help you to protect your liver health. However, if you experience any concerning signs and symptoms make sure to reach out to your doctor for a proper checkup.

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