6 Tips to Help You Encourage the New Med Grad in Your Family

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Every year more new medical graduates are coming out of school. The problem is that these new graduates often feel voiceless, have no grand idea of their career's direction, and don't know what to do next. Not knowing what else to do about it, many find an internship or job in their area and wait for the best opportunity to come their way or move all over the country in search of work opportunities.


So here are six tips to help encourage the new medical grads in your family.


1. Grant the New Med Grad with Gifts

You can purchase a gift for the new med grad to encourage them to get through after graduation. The gifts you choose will depend on several factors, including the interests of the new grad.

It wouldn't be uncommon to give a monetary gift or something that helps them establish their career, like a new journal, stethoscope, or even an appropriate medical school diploma frame, to find their niche in the medical field. Also, by giving the gift, you show that you are committed to their success and seek to help them find the best career path for their unique personalities.


2. Be a Resource

As a family member, you should be a resource for new medical graduates looking for job or internship opportunities. New medical graduates always look for opportunities after their graduation. You should be able to help them by connecting them with other medical professionals or recruiters who can tell them about job opportunities in their area.

Help the new grad by giving them advice on what they should be looking for in a job in the medical field and help direct them towards opportunities that fit their skill sets.


3. Talk About Your Own Experience

The best way for a new med graduate to feel comfortable is to know that other experienced people have gone through the same thing. A great way to encourage your new grad and offer advice is by discussing your experiences or recommending them to someone in their field.

This should help your med grad grow from an unknown beginner to a more experienced professional in the field. When this happens, it will give them more confidence knowing that others have gone through similar situations.


4. Recommend Books

Because it's hard to find time to read when you're taking courses and working, the new grad will probably not have read many books about navigating through the medical field. A good way to help them is by recommending books that you found useful or by pointing them in the direction of online resources where they can find information on how to get their career off the ground. For example, if your new grad is interested in science or health, you can point them to books or websites that will give them information on these industries.


5. Provide Advice

Consider giving the new grad advice on networking, establishing their niche, and, most importantly, looking for a mentor. A mentor can be a more experienced professional who can help the new grads gain knowledge and will be able to give them tips on how to get their career off the ground. The new grad needs to know that people are willing to help them, and providing advice is the best way to do so.


6. Let Them Talk

It's important to let your med grad know they can talk to you about any concerns regarding their career path. Maybe they will want to discuss it with their mentor, but if you can help them navigate the new field of medicine, you have set the stage for even more success.

You don't need to be an expert who knows answers to everything or have the perfect answer for them, but you can offer your opinion and have a good conversation, which will help them figure out what they want to do with their career.



For Med Grads, graduating from medical school is not the end of their education or professional career. You can help your new medical grad by making them feel confident and comfortable with the issues they will face as they embark on their professional career. If you have a family member who recently graduated from medical school, encourage them through these tips for a better transition into their medical field of work.

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