7 Common Challenges in Mobile App Development that Every Business Faces

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The mobile app development market is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the tech industry due to its ever-increasing demand from businesses around the world. The expected revenue from this particular industry is around $935 billion in 2025 globally. 

Currently, there are more than 5 million applications live on both the App Store and Google Play Store. Therefore, the competition to get the maximum user attention has increased recently. That’s why mobile app development company new york has become popular to ensure a significant online presence.

Mobile applications simplify any business’s operations by digitizing different functions and increasing overall productivity. However, the development process of a mobile app is quite complex and there are several challenges that businesses face. These challenges usually result in a low retention rate and sometimes no growth at all for the business even after deploying the app. 

In this blog, we are going to confront all those challenges many businesses come across in the development of their mobile app. So, let’s start with the purpose of a mobile app and then move forward with the complexities. 


The Purpose of a Mobile App

Those days were gone when a website was enough to operate your business online. Due to the increasing use of smartphones, mobile apps are the new medium to digitize your business. So, having a mobile app increases your chances of reaching the maximum audience. 

Whether you are in a startup phase or on an enterprise level, you need to have a mobile app to ensure a significant online presence. You provide regular accessibility to the users by deploying a mobile app as they don’t need to browse your product or service. People can simply open your app and explore it at their convenience. 

Moreover, you have a better opportunity to scale up your business while having a mobile app. It is a self-branding for any business as your app becomes your identity soon it becomes common among the masses. For that purpose, you need to ensure high functionality with a seamless user experience to convert the users to your businesses. However, there are several difficulties that you may face in mobile app development and we are sharing them here to give you a heads-up. 


Top 7 Challenges in Mobile App Development 

There can be multiple hurdles during the development of any application. It varies according to the scale of the app you are building and other relevant aspects. Meanwhile, we are presenting you the most common challenges that every business encounters during app development. 


1- Project scope

Lack of clarity in the scope of the project usually leads to further complexity during the development. Therefore, it is essential to gather all the requirements in a documented form and the goals you want to achieve with your app. It will save you time by making the communication simple between you and developers and also the cost in case of any undecided features added later. 


2- Choosing the right stack 

The performance and further scalability of the app highly depend upon the technology you choose. Make sure to choose the latest stack that suits your requirements and support other features that you may add in the future. Also, look out for those frameworks that support multi-platforms with easy integration to make the development process smooth. 


3- Selecting the development team

It is one of the risky decisions to make as the whole reliability of your app depends upon the developers you choose. Always look for a team with proven experience in the field. Ask for a portfolio and their working structure to find a common ground regarding the whole procedure. 


4- App’s responsiveness

To enable the high responsiveness of your application is quite challenging on different screen sizes. That’s the aspect where your user experience is at stake and you can’t compromise on it. Therefore, implement an effective strategy to deal with all the elements in your, so they fit with proper functionality on each screen size. 


5- App approval 

Every platform has its specific terms regarding the deployment of the applications. Whether you are developing for Android or iOS or both, there can be several delays in the approval process. You might need to make changes to fulfill that criteria. So it is advised to test your application having a solid strategy to avoid inconvenience during the deployment. 


6- Compatibility issues

Most apps get declined by users due to their compatibility on several devices. Your application must follow the concept of equal experience and accessibility across all types of devices. For that purpose, your app and web design company nj should take care of the sizing, resolution dimensions, and pixels of each complement in different modules within the app.  


7- Lack of marketing

Your app is a digital presentation of your business. It is like you opened an online office or shop in the digital market. So, its marketing is as essential as yours in the real world. Many great applications didn't get the reach they deserved due to a lack of awareness. Therefore, you must create an efficient marketing strategy by targeting the relevant audience to spread it among the masses. 



The value that a mobile app brings to a business is exceptional. Therefore, you have all the reasons to develop an application for your business. However, you must counter all the challenges by making the right choices. The above points will not only acknowledge the difficulties in the app development process but also an idea to deal with them. So, considering these points you can build an app that will play a vital role in the immense growth of your business.

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