7 Common Misconceptions Regarding Vape Pens

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Vaping is a trendy new way to curb your nicotine cravings. However, you might be surprised to learn that it’s not so new, as the first e-cigarette was introduced in 1927. Though the popularity of these devices has only been recent, it's not a new technology. Still, so many myths surround them that some people avoid them for fear. Here are some of the most common misconceptions that must be debunked.

1. They're Used as a Gateway to Smoking and Drugs

A common myth that’s touted constantly is that vaping is a gateway to smoking or more sinister things like drugs. While it sounds like a good argument for those who want to do away with these devices, it lacks scientific backing. Many studies have shown that while they are increasingly popular with the younger crowds, those who use them regularly are not more likely to build their cravings for a more intense buzz.

Ironically, drug use among teens as well as traditional smoking is down. A report issued by the CDC shows a steady decline in these behaviors since the 1990s. Vaping may be the reason for this much-needed decrease.

2. They Explode and Cause Fires

Many videos are floating around the web that shows vape mods bursting into flames. However, the chances of this happening are slim. While any battery-powered device does have some minimal risk, it’s no different than any other item that’s run-on batteries.

If you use the device as intended, you’ll likely never experience any such issue. The cell phone you carry likely has a higher risk of spontaneous explosion more so than a vaping device.

3. They're Likely to Be Prohibited Soon

While there’s been suggested laws to prohibit flavored vaping products, nothing has been introduced to totally remove them from the market. This is a complete fallacy, as there’s no reason to ban these products. An individual business can choose not to sell them in their store, but they will not be prohibited.

4. They Can Cause Cancer

Some people believe that diacetyl in vape juice can cause cancer. Ironically, this chemical is negligible, and manufacturers began removing it in the early 1990s. The pods on the market today found in reputable vape shops don’t have this chemical in them, though cheaper ones might still have trace amounts.

5. They're Not Safer

The benefits of vaping over smoking are too numerous to list. The number of people that die from lung cancer each year is staggering. However, vaping is a great alternative that removes the dangerous carcinogens from the equation.

A high-quality rechargeable vape turns nicotine into a safe gas and water mixture that’s much safer than the smoke and pollutants found in cigarettes.

6. It's More Expensive Than Cigarettes

Many people make such blanket statements without having the facts. Currently, the average pack of cigarettes costs around seven dollars. With vaping, once you have the atomizer, you only need to buy the replacement cartridges.

Buying a 10ml container of vape juice is like smoking 100 cigarettes. Those who smoke a pack a day would find that this would last them five days. You might find that vaping is less expensive than smoking, especially if you are a heavy smoker.

7. They Cause Popcorn Lung

The talk of popcorn lung also links back to the chemical diacetyl. There are a few cases where this substance was linked to bronchiolitis obliterans, also known as popcorn lung.

Sure, it’s a life-threatening ailment that severely impacts your breathing, but rare cases that occurred in the past shouldn’t be considered commonplace. The only real danger is direct exposure to the chemical, which is mainly eliminated from quality vaping juice. The most common liquid to include it was flavored ones.


While it's impossible to know the full long-term effects of vaping, the person who vapes certainly has less risk than someone who smokes cigarettes. There are misconceptions and myths about vaping pens because people don't know the facts. It always sounds juicier to mix a few untruths in conversation. You can choose not to listen to such things and find the truth yourself, as vaping is shrouded in fallacies.

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