7 Simple Tips to Style Your Patterned Bedding

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Unbelievably, styling patterned bedding is simple. There are numerous methods to add fun patterns to your bedding decor, from nautical stripes and flannelette duvet sets to beautiful florals. Discover how to style bedding by reading on for advice on achieving the perfect balance, combining colours, and selecting patterned bedding.

1. Select The Main Pattern

To guarantee that your sleeping arrangement appears coherent when using patterned bedding, it's a good idea to strike an equilibrium between prints and solids. Selecting your main pattern is essential for successful combination and match. Usually, the largest, boldest, or most colourful pattern is the main motif. A sizable piece of linen, like your sheet set or duvet cover, or a coverlet you have folded at the foot of your bed might act as the main design. This pattern can help you identify other patterns with complementary colours.

2. Select Auxiliary Prints

After deciding on your main pattern, you'll need to select supplementary patterns which go nicely with it and enhance the entire bedding scheme. A complete set of sheets, a cosy throw at the foot of the bed, or a couple of throw pillows are easy ways to include a supporting design. For instance, the above photo's striped duvet cover serves as the main pattern and is ideal for creating a mound of patterned throw pillows.

3. Discover Balance

If you'd prefer to match rather than combine, pair your main pattern with bedding in solid colours which complement the hues in the patterned item. As a result, the patterned bedding appears to be the main attraction.

We adore how the soft pink throw and comfortable white comforter in the above picture are unified by the delicate geometric pattern on the sheets. Additionally, changing up your bedroom's sheet sets is a simple method to update its appearance.

4. Consider Size

Working with proportions is key to understanding how to style bedding, particularly patterned bedding. It is advisable to select designs with varying sizes to avoid pattern clashing, whether you are dealing with two patterns from the same family or two completely different designs. The two are distinguished from one another and the pairing is visually pleasing by using an array of small and large prints.

5. Try With Various Textures

When working with an array of diverse colours and patterns, texturing may prove very important. Try experimenting with textures which depend on the appearance of patterns, like an embroidered pillow sham set or a quilt with diamond stitches. We adore how the white channel-stitch quilt in the upper picture gives the patterned throw a counterbalance with its crisp, stripe-like lines.

6. Begin Small

Not yet ready to experiment with striking patterns? Instead, look for little ways to add your favourite prints, such as a set of patterned pillowcases which may peep out from underneath a pair of pillow shams or patterned throw pillows to liven up your neutral bedding. The small amount of pattern will undoubtedly create visual appeal, and it may even encourage you to add extra patterned bedding to your bedroom.

7. Reversible Sheets For Duvets

Purchasing a reversible duvet cover makes sense if you enjoy changing up your style frequently or if you're a fan of prints. Whenever the duvet cover is turned down, it offers a lovely extra element to a bed in addition to giving two options for design.

But it's not just about striking designs and shapes that block colour. A reversible duvet cover is nevertheless useful if you're going for a white-on-white luxury hotel design. Just keep it simple by keeping it with stripes or polka dots and a plain neutral on the reverse.

Bonus Tips:

Establish Contrast

It does not have to be difficult to mix prints! Selecting a design with rounded forms and one featuring straight lines can help eliminate mismatched designs. Consider polka dots and plaid, abstract and geometric designs, or stripes and flowers (like in the upper image). Your bedding has an additional dimension of thoughtfulness from the whimsical juxtaposition of the two sorts of patterns.

Have Fun With Texture

Lastly, the contrast in texture enhances the beauty of unexpected pairings. It's a certain method to accentuate visual depth and convey the atmosphere of your space. For instance, a clear, clean duvet gets a playful, frilly touch from a pom pom accent. The thickness and stitching of a fabric may add to its texture.

Flip The Arrangements

A diverse range of patterns in various sizes, shapes, and styles is a further approach to maintaining a visually appealing combination. Stripes' linear pattern works nicely with almost any print, whether it is floral, leopard, or tribal.

Final Words

Your bedroom may be made into a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing sanctuary with some of these easy styling recommendations for patterned bedding. A beautiful and welcoming space which reflects your taste and personality may be made by combining and contrasting patterns, harmonising colours, and adding creative accessories. Therefore, to create a lovely and cohesive bedroom design, don't be scared of trying new things while having fun with your bedding choices.

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