7 Best Video Calling APIs - 2024 UPDATED

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Video chat apps are growing more popular than ever before. According to research, the video conferencing market will exceed $13.82 billion by the end of 2023. Have you ever considered creating a customizable video conferencing API for iOS, a customizable video conferencing API for Android, or a customizable video conferencing API for the web? If so, this blog will help you get everything you will need about Scalable in-app chat API. 

Would you like to integrate the most secure and user-friendly video-calling API into your application or website? If YES, here are the top seven video-calling APIs to boost business traffic!

Before we begin, let's explore the basics of video-calling APIs and SDKs.


What Exactly is a Video Calling API?

A video-calling API, also known as an application programming interface, allows software programs to connect and share data. Scalable video chat APIs give the pre-built ability for advanced features, saving engineers the time and effort of building them all from scratch. Video conferencing APIs and video calling APIs in general will be ready to integrate with your in-app messaging software, allowing you to deliver a rich video communication experience while using minimal resources.

A software development kit (SDK), on the other hand, is a set of programming tools used to create and integrate new applications. SDKs commonly integrate APIs. SDKs, like APIs, lower complexity and speed up development while developing White-label in-app chat solutions.

Even though, in this post, we focus more on video call APIs, many of the benefits and features also apply to video call SDKs.


Why are In-App Communication APIs Important?

The entire world has begun to use virtual activities for long-distance communication. You can easily see how students select virtual or digital classes and how the healthcare business chooses virtual patient care assistance.

Overall, the market for video conferencing white-label is becoming a digital hype. In-app messaging software has seen a significant increase in Capitalism. Therefore, choosing the best form of communication depends on the features of the Customizable in-app messaging SDK.

When used efficiently, white-label communication software can be a great asset to any business. As a result, educating staff to use their unique Customizable video chat APIs with video calling in Android (Scalable video chat API for Android), iOS (Scalable video chat API for iOS), and website apps is important.


What Are the Unique Features of Video Calling API?

Some of the unique features of customizable in-app messaging API are as follows;

Direct and group video calling - Any video calling feature should let the user dial a contact. However, we believe it should be just as simple to initiate a group call to increase the use cases for your customers.

Clear audio and video - Latency, or delay, is the enemy of a pleasant video calling experience. So, seeking low-latency infrastructure is vital for high-quality calls.

Global accessibility - Grow and expand your audience base by ensuring that your video features are accessible globally.

Cross-platform and multi-device compatibility - The majority of individuals use a wide range of mobile and online applications and gadgets to work and live. As a result, you can better serve them by ensuring that your video-calling tools are available everywhere.

Screen sharing - Screen sharing is vital during a video conference call, especially if the audience you are targeting utilizes your app for work.

Recording - App users should be able to record, save, share, and replay video calls at a later time.

Messaging - A good video calling interface will include video chat features that allow call participants to ask questions, engage in side conversations, share resources, and perform other tasks.


What Applications Does the Video Calling API Have?

In this digital age, practically all organizations must develop a strong communication system to improve their customer experiences. Let's have a look at how some successful industries use the best features of Scalable in-app messaging API and Scalable in-app messaging SDK;



Video conferencing has the ability to enhance your sales. It can help businesses strengthen their customer relationships by providing a white-label one-to-one video chat API for iOS and Android. Furthermore, successful collaboration leads to improved business engagements. Businesses can maintain customer satisfaction by utilizing one-on-one face contact, document sharing, end-to-end encryption, live broadcasting, etc.



Telehealth apps can use video conferencing technologies efficiently to create an instant connection between patients and clinicians. They can speak with one another from the comfort of their own homes, and patients can save money on unnecessary travel fees and avoid long hospital lineups.



Schools and universities can arrange online classes by including video conferencing APIs in their applications. They can provide online materials and tests using the advanced media file transfer facility. Furthermore, students have the option of recording lessons so that they can review what they missed later.


What Are the Best Video Calling APIs for 2024?



MirrorFly APIs and SDKs allow businesses to build customized, live video calling experiences for iOS, Android, and the web, all while maintaining low latency and multi-platform operability.



Twilio Video offers APIs and SDKs for JavaScript, iOS, and Android that enable developers to build apps with GDPR-compliant video experiences.



The Apphitect SDK offers over 150 features for chat, audio, and video solutions via white-label APIs.



With the help of Agora's video calling and video chat app SDK, users can integrate real-time video while benefiting from reliable video quality, a worldwide audience, and a wide range of additional features.



CometChat's text, voice, and video platform can be integrated into websites, apps, and web apps using SDKs, APIs, low-code UI kits, and a no-code widget.



Sinch offers a unique voice solution based on its nationwide U.S. network with adaptive connections based on network conditions, REST APIs, and more.



Video conversations are made easy with EnableX's real-time video APIs and SDKs that work across platforms, browsers, and languages.


What Technical Requirements Must Be Met for Successful Video Calling?

The following are some of the technical requirements for a successful video calling;

- Webcam with high resolution

- Fast processing by computers

- Adequate network bandwidth

- Video conferencing system

- Microphone

And much more.


Summing Up

By now, we hope that you were able to grasp some of the leading live video-calling API providers. However, it is advised to pick a video API that can be customized to your unique needs and expectations. Why wait? Take advantage of video APIs to make way for seamless business conversations. 

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