8 On-Trend Ways to Stack Rings

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Stacking rings is a jewelry trend that creatively combines multiple bands and designs on the fingers. Mixing different metals, gemstones, and textures produces dimensional, eclectic stacks with personalized flair. From minimalist to maximalist, ring stacking allows for unique self-expression. For inspiration when curating your own stacked ring looks, here are 8 on-trend ways to artistically layer these wearable works of art:


1. Go for Mixed Metals

The beauty of ring stacking comes from blending complementary yet contrasting pieces. Mixing metals creates visual interest and depth. For an on-trend look, stack rings in a mismatched metal mix like yellow gold, rose gold, and sterling silver. Varying the metal finishes, from polished to hammered, adds further diversity. Don't be afraid to combine an edgy black tungsten band with a dazzling gold one. Embrace the blended metals look and let each ring's characteristics shine.


2. Coordinate Gemstones

Gemstones make stacking rings even more colorful and eye-catching. Assemble different bands that incorporate gems in coordinating hues for cohesion, like emerald with aquamarine or ruby with garnet. Or create pops of color by blending gemstones from across the spectrum. For example, stack a topaz ring, sapphire ring, and amethyst ring together for a vibrant jewel-toned look. Take inspiration from birthstones, favorite colors, or chakra crystals when coordinating gems for your stacks.


3. Try Textured Bands

Dimension is key for elevated stacked ring designs. Choose bands with interesting textures and detailing, like braided, twisted, hammered, or engraved finishes. Thin open rings add negative space while signet and carved rings make bold textural statements. Pairing complementary textures creates depth and sophistication. For instance, a braided silver ring, hammered gold band, and smooth gemstone ring nicely play off each other. Experiment with how different etched, patterned, and shaped designs stack together for artistic flair.


4. Size Rings Strategically

When stacking, strategically vary ring widths and thickness. Thin delicate bands visually support chunkier statement rings, while wider bands firmly anchor daintier ones. Place bulkier signets or class rings on the outside to frame thinner bands in the center. Rings that are too uniformly thick can feel clunky, so stagger your stack with intentional sizing. Building tapered stacks that graduate from thin to wide moving down the finger makes for a comfortable, ergonomic fit.


5. Minimalist Stacks

The minimalist ring stacking trend focuses on refined simplicity. Limit stacks to two or three thin, complementary bands like plain metal, twisted or textured rings. Stacking just a few special understated rings creates an elegant stacked look. This refined approach works well for minimalists and makes a subtle statement. Delicate thinner rings also contour comfortably together on the finger for everyday wearability.


6. Maximalist Stacks

On the more daring end, maximalist stacks pile on numerous rings for bold impact. The eclectic combination of metals, shapes, gems, and bands makes a lively statement. Work in sculptural cocktail rings between thin bands to add eye-catching appeal. Breathing room between the rings allows the eye to appreciate each one. Maximalist stacks command attention, reflecting a dramatic fashion-forward style.


7. Meaningful Stacks

Many wear stackable rings as meaningful symbols. Coordinate engraved bands, family birthstone rings, layer initial rings, or stack zodiac and astrology-inspired designs for personal expression. Sentimental vintage and antique rings also get incorporated into stacks. Place special meaning-rich rings at the base or center of your stack to keep their significance close. This thoughtful approach makes your ring stack especially personal.


8. Themed Stacks

For unity, stack rings that share a motif or theme. Flora and fauna stacks might incorporate plant or animal-inspired bands. Spiritual stacks could mix chakra, yin-yang, evil-eye, and mandala rings. Geometric and minimalist-themed stacks allow you to zero in on shapes and textures. Or gather an assortment of lucky charm rings. Get creative grouping bands that share a common style or subject matter into a cohesive stack. These focused collections become wearable art.

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