Riding the North Cornwall Waves: A Beginner's Guide to Surfing

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Surfing is a thrilling, heart-pounding water activity that has long fascinated thrill-seekers. North Cornwall has become a popular destination for surfers of all skill levels because of its gorgeous coastline and powerful waves. North Cornwall provides the ideal environment for riding the waves, whether you're a beginner trying to catch your first wave or an experienced surfer searching for a new challenge. We'll go through the fundamentals of surfing in North Cornwall in our beginner's guide.


Selecting the best beach

There are many different beaches in North Cornwall, each with distinctive features and wave patterns. Finding a beach with calm waves and a sandy bottom is crucial for beginners to provide a secure and enjoyable experience. Beginners frequently choose Perranporth, Fistral, or Polzeath because they have reliable waves and surf schools that can help you learn the fundamentals.


Surfing supplies

It's crucial to have the proper gear before jumping into the surf. A longboard or foam board is best for a beginner since they offer stability and are simpler to paddle and balance on. The waters of North Cornwall may be frigid even in the summer, so wetsuits are a necessity. You can choose from a variety of surfboards and wetsuits at the local surf shops and rental places.


Surf instruction

Taking lessons from a certified instructor is strongly advised if you're new to surfing or wish to sharpen your skills. There are various surf schools in North Cornwall that accept students of all ages and skill levels. The foundations of surfing, including paddling methods, wave selection, and appropriate board positioning, will be covered by these qualified teachers.


Spectacular homes for the ultimate surf vacation

Having a cosy and roomy place to stay to unwind and recuperate after a thrilling day on the water is essential. Numerous big houses are available for rent in North Cornwall, making them the perfect home base for your surfing trip. They have bedrooms, fully functional kitchens, and common areas where you can relax with friends or family. You'll have plenty of room to store your surf gear and the ease of cooking your own meals if you rent a big house through trusted sites like the Wow House.


Advantages of renting a big house

Renting a spacious property not only has practical benefits but it also improves your surfing trip as a whole. After a day in the waves, you can immerse yourself in the neighbourhood, mingle with other surfers, and exchange experiences and advice. Making the most of your surfing time is also made possible by the abundance of big houses that are close to the beaches. Renting a big house for your North Cornwall surfing trip is a great idea because of the sense of community and the chance to make lifelong memories.



Finally, North Cornwall offers surfers of all skill levels a fantastic playground. No wonder this area has become a surfing mecca with its gorgeous beaches, reliable waves, and friendly locals. You may guarantee a memorable and pleasurable surf trip to North Cornwall by adhering to the advice in this beginner's guide and taking into account the advantages of renting a big property. So take a board, jump in the water, and discover the excitement of surfing the North Cornwall waves for yourself!

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