A Buyer's Guide to Purchasing Pearl Jewelries

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Even expert jewelers have difficulty distinguishing between different kinds of pearls, using grading scales consistently, and determining how much a certain pearl is worth. Due to their exceptional rarity, the price of genuine pearls continues to rise, with only a few being harvested each year.

Fortunately, inexpensive alternatives in the form of their cultured counterparts are widely available. However, even if you're just looking for a simple pearl necklace, you should know something about pearl quality. Start with the basics of selecting the best pearl kind, then move on to jewelry styles, pricing considerations, and lastly, buy pearl necklaces Australia.

Picking the Correct Pearl

You've finally decided to treat yourself to magnificent pearl jewelry, but you're at a loss as to which style of pearl necklace to purchase.

There are four primary categories of pearls; Pearls of the Akoya Variety, Pearls Collected From Fresh Water, Pearls from Tahiti, and South Sea pearls, either white or golden. Different sizes, pearl colors, and price points characterize each of these.

Pearls of the Akoya Variety

The Akoya oyster produces the saltwater-farmed pearl known as the Akoya pearl. Information on Akoya pearls is plentiful because they are the most common type of saltwater pearl and have been cultured the longest. The beautiful round shape, vivid mirror-like brilliance, and neutral colors of Akoya pearls make them the go-to pearl for necklaces and other jewelry among retailers and consumers.

Pearls Collected From Freshwater

Despite being the most mass-produced type of pearl, freshwater pearls have become a popular choice among jewelers, buyers, and pearl experts due to their distinctive shapes, vibrant hues, affordable costs, and endearing personalities.

Pearls from Tahiti

Tahitian pearls are the common name for the exotic black pearls produced by Black-lip oysters or Pinctada margaritifera. Despite their common association with black, these pearls come in various colors, including white, grey, green, peacock blue, and dark black.

In contrast to most other forms of pearls, Tahitian pearls often have a body color that's dark. These pearls have quickly risen to the ranks of the world's most coveted and pricey gems. Due to the wide variety of colors available, matching these pearls into a complete strand is a massive undertaking that involves countless loose pearls.

South Sea pearls

Colors: White and Gold The term "queen of gems" is often used to describe South Sea Pearls. They are known for their great proportions, brilliant sheen, and pure white and golden hues. Pearl enthusiasts worldwide refer to South Sea pearls as both the Rolls Royce of Pearls and the Queen of Cultured Pearls, depending on the color of the pearl.

Real pearls vs. Fake pearls

Expert jewelers will not sell you a fake pearl falsely marketed as real since they can tell the difference between a natural pearl and a cultivated one. One technique to tell if it is real or fake is to rub it against another pearl. Generally, cultured pearls will feel gritty due to the layers of nacre, whereas counterfeit pearls will glide across each other.

Many farmed pearls have their shine or color enhanced through treatments. They are still very much real despite this. Since these treatments might affect the value of the pearl jewelry, it is important to have a skilled jeweler explain them to you.

Decide on the Ideal Pearl Measurement

If you're worried about how your pearls will look when they come, you can rest easy knowing that Pure Pearls provides extensive guidance and genuine photographs of our pearls worn by models. 

The most common pearl sizes fall between 7.0 to 9.5 millimeters in diameter, which is also the most classic and adaptable range. Remember that pearls are more valuable the bigger they are.

Find a Pearl Expert Supplier

A gift of fine pearl jewelry intends to make the recipient feel special. These treasures are usually given as a nice surprise on a significant occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or the holidays.

Always go with a pearl expert when shopping for a pear. You should make sure there is a fair policy for returns and exchanges. The last step is to learn what determines the pearl's price. Due to the unique nature of this purchase, much deliberation is required before committing to a single provider.

Jewelry that will last forever!

Pearls are an essential part of any woman's jewelry wardrobe. A pearl's origin, formation process, and other characteristics all contribute to its overall quality. Hopefully, this article was informative and cleared up any questions you may have had about purchasing pearls online.

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