Desert Safari Dubai - A Guide to Different Types of Safaris

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Desert Safari Dubai

What do you think is the best kind of Desert Safari Dubai? On a camel safari desert outside of Dubai, a night to remember with belly dancing, fire shows, and a BBQ feast. After that, you'll go to the red sands of Al Lahbab, also called "The Big Red," for an evening of camel riding, racing, and other desert sports. A long line of cars will soon reach the Dubai Desert Dunes. Next, they will go sand skiing and dune bashing.

During your time on Desert Safari Dubai, you can enjoy belly dancing, Tanoura, Egyptian culture, a horse dance show, a fire show, and flavored Aromatic Arabic smoking pipes (Sheesha). There will be tasty vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and Jain (upon request) options at the BBQ Buffet supper.

People often think pregnant women, kids, and people with health problems can't go dune bashing. At the same time, they wait for the rest of the group. People shouldn't be stopped from having fun at the camp, especially since they can have a BBQ in the desert while watching live performances.

Dubai has some new and exciting desert things to do.

Daybreak Desert Excursion

Enjoy the Dubai safari any time of year, even if the temperature rises a bit after sundown. On a safari desert, you can sandboard, ride camels, drive buggies, and do many other fun things. An early morning safari in the Dubai desert that lasts between five and six hours is a great way to see the beautiful scenery in the area. The best Desert Safari Dubai can be part of several different vacation packages, each with its activities, length, and cost.


Safari Desert with an Overnight Stay

The night sky is beautiful when no city lights block the view. At night, when everything is still and quiet, being in the middle of the Arabian Desert is a relaxing experience. A typical overnight Desert Safari Dubai can start with a delicious barbeque meal, continue with a cultural program and a Dubai safari over the dunes of the Dubai desert, and end with breakfast in the desert.


Going Between The Sand Dunes

Dune bashing in a 4x4 Land Cruiser with a skilled driver is like riding your roller coaster over the sand dunes. They look forward to taking photos in the desert, making the trip fun. As the sun sets, the sky changes from orange to grey, which is beautiful.


Using Camels To Explore The Dubai Desert

Find out what scary things people had to go through fifty years ago when they had to make a dangerous trip through the desert. A ride on one of these beautiful animals is part of the 45-minute camel safari desert. You can take your loved ones on a Desert Safari Dubai as part of an all-inclusive honeymoon package.


Get The Sand Out Of Your Shoes

There are some safety features on the dune buggies, such as full-body roll cages, seatbelts, bucket seats, lights, an extinguisher, and always-available mechanics. You can choose either a one-seat or a two-seat buggy.


Enjoy an adventure in the desert and a meal cooked on a grill.

Every trip to Dubai must include a Desert Safari Dubai and a BBQ meal in the middle of the desert. During the trip, about six hours will go by. During this season, you can go dune bashing, ride a camel or a carriage, get a henna tattoo, watch belly dancers, and do many other fun things. A shisha bar is a place where you can buy tobacco mixes.


Safari in Dubai's Desert Without Some Activities

A Dubai Desert Safari Where You Don't Drive Through Sand Dunes

People who have heart or back problems shouldn't do the sport of dune bashing. If you don't like dune bashing, you could go on the cheapest Desert Safari Dubai instead. On the trip through the desert at night, you can't drink alcohol. But during the month of Ramadan, bars in desert camps were closed.


Desert Safari Dubai, Without Belly Dance

If you don't like belly dancing, you don't have to watch any shows while in the desert. Before the show starts, your safari captain will get you out of your desert tent. You can also go on a morning trip into the desert if that sounds more fun. There won't be any belly dance shows on the morning Dubai safari tour.

If you want to enjoy the scenery as you drive, hire a professional driver who is insured and has a lot of experience.

Plan your time well for the nighttime Desert Safari Dubai so you can get your hands painted with henna, wear traditional clothes, smoke shisha, and eat Arabic food.

Listen carefully to your guide before getting on the camel. Riding a camel is very different from riding a horse. Women who are pregnant aren't allowed to ride camels in Dubai. If your joints hurt, get some pain medicine before the camel safari.


Belly Dancing Is An Important Part Of The Safari Experience.

We get calls every day from people who want to go on a Desert Safari Dubai for the evening but want to avoid having to watch belly dancing. Even though only a few people want to see a belly dance show, only a few also want to go dune bashing or spend time with loved ones in the desert.

Take advantage of the fire show or the Tanoura dance act if you want to get the most out of your trip. You can only see a Tanoura dance show here. This is the best way to go on a Desert Safari in Dubai, no matter how physically able you are. The price is also reasonable.

If you have booked a sandboarding, desert bashing, camel ride, quad bike, or dune buggy tour but want to return to your hotel early, you can. This custom tour is great for people who need more time. You'll miss the Tanoura and fire shows and a great BBQ feast if you get there before the dances.


Plan your trips with help from The Planet Adventure.

Even though planning a trip to Dubai isn't rocket science, it might be easier to travel with someone you can trust. The Planet Adventure is a one-stop Desert Safari Dubai operator for all your travel needs. It all starts with the itinerary you can make yourself. Go to the online version of The Planet Adventure to find out more.

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