A Guide to Making Your Rented Property Feel Like Home

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There are several issues with renting a property. One of those is that you do not own it and therefore feel like money is going to waste. Another problem is that you are limited in how you can customise your property. Sometimes, the landlord won't let you customise certain aspects of your property.

When living in a property you don't own, it feels like it isn't yours, especially when you haven't made any adjustments. That is why you should make slight changes to your property so it feels like it's yours.  

There are two types of properties that you can rent. There are ones which have furniture and there are others which are empty. If you have started renting a property without furniture, you have more freedom when upgrading it. On the other hand, when you rent a property that has furnishings, you are usually tied down to how it already looks. Nonetheless, there are some things you can do to make it feel like home. 



Furniture is a great way to customise your home however, furniture can be a little tricky. If the furniture is already on your property, you may have to ask your landlord about swapping it for something else. For example, you can't take a chair out of your living room that is not yours. The landlord may want to keep it so you either have to store it somewhere or it stays there. 

If your landlord is not ok with you replacing the current furniture with new, there are a couple of things to customise your rental property. One of those things includes reshuffling the existing furniture. 

For those who have just moved into an empty rental property, you may need to buy some furniture for your home. The problem is you probably don't want to spend too much on your furnishings. You can purchase flatpack furniture or buy second-hand furniture on the Facebook marketplace or eBay. 



Lighting is one of our favourite ways to customise your rented property. It is a great way to give your home life and add your personal touch. Furthermore, there are so many different lights you can choose from, your options are endless and it won't cost you much money.

Something that many people do with their rented homes is to install fairy lights in their living rooms and bedrooms. Not only does this add warm lighting to your home but it is cost-effective. Use command strips for this that allows you to hang the lights without causing any damage to the walls. 

If you want to customise the primary light of your room, change the lampshade. It is a great way to customise what you already have without changing too much. Just remember to keep the old light shade in case the landlord wants to keep it. 

Finally, we have table lamps or sunset lamps. These are great additions to what you already have and are very cheap. It is a great way to add lighting in one area without worrying about changing too much in the room. 



For this one, you will need to buy command strips. Don't worry, they won't damage the wall and they are very affordable. Paintings or family photos are a great way to make your family property feel like a home. 

Paintings and photos are a superb way to add more colour to those dull walls you can't paint. Furthermore, there are a couple of ways you can decorate your walls. You can either have your paintings/photos across numerous walls or have a feature wall which has all of the photos and paintings.

The best thing about this is when you are taking down your pictures, you won't even notice they have been there. All you have to do is remove the command strips and the wall is as good as new.



One of the best methods to make your rented home feel larger is by placing mirrors on your walls. Don't worry; you won't need to hang these up either. 

Not only do they make your room bigger but they also make your room a lot brighter. They reflect the light around the room so it is a great investment.  

If you don't want to hang up your mirror, place a tall vertical mirror against the wall. However, make sure you put a bit of cloth next to the top of the mirror so you don't damage the wall. 


House Plants

House plants are another great addition to your home to make it feel more homely. It is a great and affordable way to add more colour to your home whilst adding your personal touch. Furthermore, you can get several different plants to have variations.

The reason why people don't have plants in their homes is they cannot be bothered with watering them throughout the week. However, there are many places such as Amazon and IKEA selling individual artificial plants. Not to mention they are affordable as well. 


Soft Furnishings

Last but not least is soft furnishings. It is another great way to customise your home without spending too much money and damaging the rental property. Things like blinds, blankets, cushions and anything else you can think of are great additions to your home. 

With window blinds and curtains, you'll have to check with the landlord to ensure you can change them. There are many different window blinds to choose from as well. We also suggest you visit your nearest blinds showroom. Search on Google, blinds in Surrey or window blinds near me and it will bring up your local stores. You must see the blinds or curtains in person to ensure you know what they look like in person. 


To Conclude

There are many ways to customise your rented property to make it feel like home. Before you make any changes, contact your landlord and ensure you can make these changes. Furthermore, your options are endless when it comes to customising your home. You just need to understand what you can change. 

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