A Step By Step Guide To Outsourced Marketing

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How Does Outsourcing Marketing Benefit Your Business?

Running your own business is hard work; it takes courage, commitment, and clear vision whether you're just starting out, or you're a well-established company. Whatever stage you're at, though, having marketing professionals shaping your brand, managing product messaging, and developing effective digital marketing strategies is critical to your success. So, how do you achieve this in the early stages of your growth?


Resourcing Marketing on a Limited Budget

Building a team is always going to be a challenge for new businesses. It may be that your budget only allows for the hire of a couple of key roles, and if this is the case, marketing is unlikely to be one of them. Many businesses that are unable to hire a marketing specialist, decide to designate marketing tasks across the core team “ but this may not be a viable solution.

Marketing can be successfully managed on a modest budget, but in order to do so, a significant investment of time and energy is required. Blogs need to be written, websites designed, PPC campaigns managed, and copy search engine optimised. Product expertise is hugely valuable, but it needs to be complemented by digital marketing skills.


Outsourcing Marketing Expertise

Rather than entangling your core team in tasks that are often repetitive and may be outside their skillset, the alternative is to outsource marketing expertise. An outsourcing agency will have a team of freelancers who are tried and tested in the industry. They will normally offer comprehensive cover across all digital marketing channels and include a variety of sector specialists.


Prioritize Your Marketing Strategy

Young businesses can sometimes be put off outsourced marketing because they're not exactly sure what needs doing. Which is precisely why they could do with a specialist marketing strategist who will research, develop and propose a strategic plan that is designed to meet your business goals.

A business marketing strategy will help you to decide where your priorities lie and how to grow your marketing activities in stages as more funds become available. Crucially, you will have a direction you can trust, and you should be able to free up time to allow your core team to focus on what they love and do best.


Funding Outsourced Marketing

In-house, non-specialist marketing activity tends not to be goal-driven. So, there is no way that anyone can measure whether or not what they are doing is actually working. As a result, much time is spent in unstructured activities that could be better employed elsewhere.

Outsourced marketing strategies are goal-driven. They are created in alignment with business goals, and each target set is measurable using data analytics. There are two advantages to this for businesses. First, they are able to see whether marketing activity is actually achieving what it sets out to achieve. Second, analysis of the data will show where the best return on investment lies for your business.


A Step-by-Step Guide to Successful Outsourced Marketing

Many businesses start out using outsourced marketing in order to stretch limited marketing budgets in their early days. They then continue to use them even when their business is established. Outsourcing offers instant access to marketing expertise (no need to train up a team), comprehensive coverage of skills, and you only pay them when you need their services.

Wondering how to outsource your marketing? Here's a step-by-step guide:

Step One “ Start With Marketing Strategy. Invest in a detailed marketing strategy covering, for example, your first 1 or 2 years of business. Your strategist will carry out detailed research and provide a staged implementation, with goals set for every activity, each one of which feeds into your business goals.

Step Two “ Look at the Budgeting. A marketing strategy will do two things. First it will tell you what expertise you need, and when. Second, it will demonstrate how the marketing activities will cover costs, and provide a profit for the business, over a specific timeframe.

Step Three “ Put Marketing Management in Place. Once your marketing strategy and planning is in place, an outsourcing agency will be able to project manage implementation. This offers a seamless process from one stage of the planning to the next, with the option to pause, or halt marketing activities at any time.

Step Four “ Regular Reporting. There's nothing subjective about outsourced marketing success. Regular reporting will demonstrate, using detailed data analytics, which activities are generating the most revenue. As more data becomes available, your strategist may recommend adjusting activities to increase their effectiveness.



Whatever the size of your marketing budget, outsourcing offers businesses the opportunity to create maximum ROI, as a result of accessing marketing experts with experience across a range of sectors. An outsourced team offers far more than task completion; they are well placed to develop a goal-driven strategy, implement it efficiently, and invest profits in future campaigns.


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Amanda Price - Digital Content Executive and Researcher for Imagefix | Amanda joined the Imagefix team in 2019, she brought to the business an expertise in social media, SEO, copywriting, and blogging.

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