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Do you remember not having a set time for exercise or workouts as a child? Basketball, soccer, and climbing swing sets were your only hobbies, and they helped you stay healthy and active without much effort. Now, as you get older (both physically and mentally), the mere thought of engaging in some kind of activity (especially lifting heavy dumbbells or running on treadmills) crushes your motivation.

But, in order to live a healthy and long life, we must all engage in physical activity that not only helps us lose weight but also rejuvenates us.


Work While Standing

Because working from home and the freelance work culture have become the new normal, you must ensure that remote working effectiveness and productivity are maintained. And sitting in front of a computer all day would deplete your energy reserves.

That is why working while standing will be advantageous. Furthermore, standing promotes the process of calorie burning. A portable laptop stand is a good investment.


Taking breaks

Try segmenting your work and taking 10-minute breaks in between to stretch and walk around. This would increase both your productivity and physical activity.


Workout while watching TV

The problem is that the television is saturated with the content that you enjoy watching. Rather than sitting in front of the TV with a large bowl of popcorn, take advantage of the opportunity to exercise.

Place your workout equipment (treadmill, stationary bike) or mat in front of the TV and sweat it out while watching your favourite show.


Building your own exercise regime

If you don't have time to go to the gym, don't worry; home exercises will suffice. There are numerous at-home workout routines that can help you achieve and maintain your ideal body.


Skipping with a rope

Purchasing a skipping rope can be a great idea. If you are on a tight budget and do not want to spend money on expensive fitness equipment, you must purchase a jump rope. And once you start skipping rope on a regular basis, you can expect great results in your weight loss journey and shape.


Celebrating with a dance

Shake a leg to celebrate your victories or whenever you're bored with your regular workouts. A good 30-45 minute dance session boosts endorphin production in your body and makes you feel happier. It's human nature to avoid boredom by doing something you enjoy.


Doing House chores

Household chores use a variety of body muscles. So, clean your house as frequently as you can. Dusting, sweeping, dishwashing, and laundry are just a few of the primary house chores that will keep you moving and fit.


Cooking more often

Cooking is one of the fantastic activities that will help you burn calories. It includes movement while also knowing what goes into your food to make it healthy. So crank up the volume and start grooving to your favourite tunes.


Taking the stairs

Returning home from the grocery store? Take the stairs because it involves the use of major muscle groups in the abdomen and legs. We know it doesn't sound fun, but the benefits of taking the stairs instead of escalators and lifts will astound you.


Walking while reading

If you enjoy reading, you must change some of your habits. Instead of sitting in your favorite cozy corner, go for a walk while reading. This will help you maintain your concentration while also keeping you moving and burning those extra calories.


Walking while talking

Avoid standing still and talking. If you get a call or a visit from a friend, go for a walk while you talk. Walking is essential for staying fit and active.

So, if you follow the above-mentioned simple ways to increase physical activity at home, you will reap the following benefits.

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