Affordable Skirting Board to Transform Any Room

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Do you feel like your room is lacking a finished look? Do you want to add a little extra style to your walls without breaking the bank? Then you should consider installing affordable skirting board in your home. skirting boards are a simple addition that can significantly enhance the look and feel of any room.

In this article, we will explore how skirting boards can make your home look more stylish and functional. We’ll also share some tips on how to choose affordable skirting board options for your home.


The Benefits of Installing Skirting Board

Skirting boards are the ultimate finish for any room. They can be made from a variety of materials, such as wood, MDF, or plastic, and come in various shapes and sizes. Skirting boards serve several purposes besides simply looking attractive.

One of their major benefits is that they help protect your walls from everyday wear and tear. Without skirting boards, your walls can easily become chipped or scuffed from furniture or everyday bumps. Also, skirting boards can hide unsightly wiring or uneven flooring. Moreover, they provide a neat finish between walls and floors, making a room look complete and polished.


Different Skirting Board Styles

Another benefit of skirting boards is that they offer a tremendous amount of design flexibility. They come in various shapes and sizes, making it easy to choose a style that suits your personal taste and room décor. You could opt for simple, plain skirting boards or choose something with a more intricate design. A popular option nowadays is to install taller skirting boards, which provide a more modern look and feel to any room. Moreover, you can easily paint skirting boards to match the rest of the room or even add wallpaper to create a unique design.


Affordable Skirting Board Options

Nowadays, you can find a vast range of affordable skirting board options that suit any budget. MDF is an affordable material for skirting boards that looks stylish and costs less than wood or plastic. Also, pre-primed skirting boards are a great choice for people on a tight budget, as they are already primed and ready to paint. This option is perfect for DIY enthusiasts who want to save both time and money.


Installing Skirting Board

Installing skirting board is an easy DIY project and can transform any room within a few hours. You’ll need to measure your room carefully to ensure you purchase the correct lengths of skirting board. Then, using a saw and some adhesive, you can cut the skirting board to size and fix it to your walls. Be sure to pre-drill any screw holes, so that you don't split your skirting board. Also, use a spirit level to ensure that your skirting board is straight and even.

Affordable Skirting Board to Transform your Home

Looking for an affordable way to transform any room in your house? Then skirting boards might just be the missing piece of the puzzle. Skirting boards are the decorative molding which is seen at the bottom of walls. Skirting boards not only add to the overall look of the room, but they can also help to conceal unsightly wall-floor joints. But with such a wide range of skirting boards available in the market, where do you start in terms of choosing the right one? Here in this blog, we’ll be exploring the top affordable skirting boards which you can opt for to transform any room in your house.


1. MDF Skirting Boards:

MDF skirting boards are a popular option because of their affordability and durability. MDF stands for medium-density fiberboard and is made up of wood fibers compressed together. They are easy to install and can be painted in your preferred color. Plus, they are resistant to moisture and are less prone to warping and bowing than other materials.


2. PVC Skirting Boards:

PVC skirting boards are another affordable option for updating your home. PVC is moisture-resistant and can easily be wiped clean. These skirting boards are easy to install and require no ongoing maintenance, making them an ideal option for busy families.


3. Wood Skirting Boards:

Wood skirting boards provide a classic look that can suit almost any interior. The most affordable wood option for skirting is pine, which is also easy to work with. You can opt for a veneered finish or for a natural wood finish, depending on your preference and budget. Wood skirting boards are more susceptible to moisture damage than MDF or PVC options, so ensure to get them treated before installation and remember to take extra care when cleaning.


4. Polystyrene Skirting Boards:

Polystyrene skirting boards are one of the cheapest options available, and they are also easy to install. These skirting boards come in a variety of styles and can be painted or stained to match your walls. Polystyrene skirting boards, however, are sensitive to moisture, so they are best suited to dry rooms such as bedrooms or studies.


5. MDF Primed Skirting Boards:

MDF primed skirting boards are similar to MDF skirting boards, but they come primed and ready for painting, saving you time and effort. They are widely available and create a stylish finish for any room. MDF primed skirting boards are durable and long-lasting, but they are not suitable for environments prone to dampness.



Now that you have read this article, you know how simple it is to add a touch of class to any room in your home by installing affordable skirting board. Besides being an inexpensive way to decorate your walls, skirting board offers several practical benefits, such as protecting walls and floors and hiding wiring. You’ll also find that there are plenty of affordable options to choose from when selecting skirting for your home. So why wait? Start looking today and transform your rooms into something special.

Skirting boards can transform the look of any room on a budget, as long as you choose the right material to suit your needs. Whether it is MDF skirting boards, PVC skirting boards, wood skirting boards, polystyrene skirting boards or MDF primed skirting boards, each has its advantages and disadvantages. Our advice would be to evaluate the pros and cons of each material, establish your budget and preferences, and then select the right skirting board that suits your requirements. With a bit of care and attention, skirting board installation can be quick and straightforward, leaving you with a newly transformed room that looks great and adds value to your home.

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