Are Water Purifiers Really Safe For Health?

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Drinking enough water is insufficient, as the quality of the water is crucial. The water coming from different sources is contaminated and polluted, which is unsafe to drink. The quality of the drinking water is checked by the amount of TDS it contains. A TDS level of less than 200 ppm (parts per million) in the water is safe for drinking.

A water purifier always plays an important role in purifying drinking water and making it safe to drink. Learn more about the benefits of the water purifier here.

What is water purification?

To make water purer, pollution is removed from it, including impurities, inorganic compounds, and microbes. The majority of laboratory and clinical applications use tap water, which is the most used water source. It is processed using water purification technologies to become the required water type.

This is the process of eliminating undesirable chemical, organic, and biological pollutants from water. Included are also the processes of distillation, as well as deionization. Clean drinking water is one of the main benefits of water filtration.

Water purification also satisfies the requirements of the medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, and industrial sectors by supplying clean and potable water. Contaminants including suspended particles, parasites, bacteria, algae, viruses, and fungi are less concentrated as a result of the purification process.

Importance of water purification

Clean water is essential for all humans, for drinking, cooking and other daily use purposes such as bathing, brushing, laundry, etc. It not only makes our lives healthier but also serves the purpose of hygiene.

The tap water supplied to your home may appear clear, but it contains various types of health-affecting bacteria and viruses, including fluorine compounds, chlorine, mercury, lead, pesticides, and other types of waste particles.

And its consumption can lead to serious health problems, and sometimes the result can be hugely detrimental. According to research, contaminated water causes diseases such as diarrhoea, cholera, dysentery, typhoid and poliomyelitis, and is estimated to cause 5,02,000 deaths worldwide from diarrhoea each year.

Water is a limited resource that is chemically treated to prevent various types of harmful viruses or bacteria available, making approx. 1.1 million people sick every year (according to research) and this is the main reason why water purification is necessary.

Since your family's health is in your hands, AquaDrink suggests being very careful about the type of water they consume for their daily uses.

How do you get pure and healthy filtered water?

Today, seeing the excessive use of clean water, more and more brands are appearing in the market with several different types of products to provide clean water. Some of the common options are bottled drinking water which includes distilled water, purified water, and spring water.

But how do you know which one is best for you, among all the options? Let's check!

Mountain spring water

Although spring water suggests itself to be the purest water, it does not actually come from a fresh spring. It basically comes from underground sources. In fact, some resources claim that so-called spring water contains phthalates, arsenic, coliforms, and other contaminants.

Distilled water

Water that has been rigorously filtered through condensation and boiling is referred to as distilled water. However, the entire process eliminates both pollutants and natural minerals. So even though the water is clean, it might not have enough minerals.

Bottled water

Bottled water is safe to drink only as long as you are genuinely sure of the quality. Due to the uncontrolled refilling of used bottled water bottles by scammers, you cannot trust the quality of water available in public areas. Verify the authenticity of the item you are purchasing.

Water from Water Purifiers

It is basically the form of water that comes from the same tap, but it is much better and healthier to drink. When you add clean water to your household, drinking, and other regular uses, you can ensure that you keep your family safe from various types of water-related health problems caused by dangerous viruses and contaminants.

Since polluted water is harmful to health, make sure you have the best water purifier in your home. There are different types of water purification systems that you can consider, such as RO and UV water purifiers, which stand for reverse osmosis and ultraviolet water purifier, respectively.

Before you intend to search for cures to purify your water, you should be aware of the main problems and effects that contaminated water can have on your family's health.

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