Artist on a mission to save the world through her art

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Shiza aims to highlight Pakistan’s social and environmental problem through art Muhammad Ebad Ul Haque, Correspondent.

Shiza and her piece of art (made with polyethene).

Karachi: Plastic can release harmful chemicals into the nearby soil, which can then drip into groundwater or other nearby water sources and also the ecosystem of the world. And there is one artist who wants to inspire the people and save the world from this by her art.

Syeda Shiza Shahid is one of Pakistan’s finest artists. She started her journey from watercolour then moved to different mediums like inks and charcoal drawings, oil paintings, sculptures with wood, metal & clay, print making, stop motion filming, installations, Mughal miniatures, sculptures with polythene.

“My art process involves collecting and experimenting with all types of polythene, using different techniques.” She Shared.

Shiza painted her first Painting at the age of 18 and since then, she started to explore more and more, and found her way to struggle.

These structures (made with wire and polyethene) depict her own feelings and experiences with anxiety.

The first-generation artist from her family said that she has no artistic family background. Everyone’s around her is into business. The only art that was considered an ‘actual career’ to her family was architecture. She convinces her family to choose this as a career.

Few of her Art-works made with recycled materials fabric, card board, twigs and steel.

The 24-year-old artist, who spent much of her life creating art, told that for her this art is a solution of social and environmental problem. She said “for me, art is self-expression. It has the power to express what words cannot. My goal is to speak for the problems around my community” She continued that I think, speaking of social and environmental problem through art is essential, it leaves an impact and make the public realize the problem.

Art-work of her in which plastic is being used as paint.

Sharing one of her biggest achievements in OUR SHARED CULTURAL HERTITAGE 2021-22 BY BRITISH COUNCIL & STATE BANK OF PAKISTAN.

This is a tactual art of (a part) of Sadequain's painting, she made for State Bank Museum.

Young artist also attended many exhibitions such as PEARL OF PEACE SEASON II BY IWS PAKISTAN (2018), WAVES OF COLOURS BY IWS BANGLADESH (2018), 1st INTERNATIONAL WATERCOLOUR EXHIBITION-PESHAWAR (2019). In 2017, she

exhibited her work in Pearl of peace international watercolour biennale-Pakistan. In 2018, She got her diploma done from Indus valley school of arts and architecture. In 2019, she got enrolled in Department of visual studies, currently she is majoring in fine arts, graduating this year.

This piece of Art-work is made by polyethene and is about societal expectations and pressures.

Since last year she has been working with plastic. As the facts are well-known, how plastic has taken over our surroundings. Unnecessary use and disposing of plastic, especially in the form of polythene bags always concerns her. For her material exploration is like a never-ending road, “you move on from one point to another. For me, process is more important than the final piece, I enjoy being in the process and working stage” She explained.

Writer: Muhammad Ebad Ul Haque.

Student at Iqra University and you can reach me through email. Email:

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