Artist On A Mission To Show His Unique Talent On Mirror

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Talha Javed aims to extend his art work by showing his amazing skills on mirror

Karachi-based artist Talha Javed with different arts,painted by him.

Karachi: Pakistan's traditional art has made its way into popular culture ,moving beyond on small piece of paper to everyday lifestyle. And there is one artist who has dabbled in form of mirrors art from normal paper.

Talha made mirror paintings by use great skills of art. He painted mirror and set lights on the back of mirror which makes his art more beautiful.Talha made this mirror artworks for decorate homes,offices etc.

Talha made his first art on mirror at the age of 17 years.

Talha Javed is one of the pakistan's finest mirror artist. Talha painted his first mirror at the age of 17 and since then he has painted a lots mirrors. Talha who spent much of his life crerating mirror art, he set the example of great artwork and also promote Pakistan's art and talent. Talha has been doing this mirror art from last 12 years.Talha believes that expressing yourself by creation has many mental benefits, Art provides an outlet and released from it all.You may make anything and express youself in anyway with mirror.

The 29 -years- old artist hails from the city of Karachi the commercial hub of the country which is known as centre of art activity. Talha grew up in the Saddar area of Karachi, Passionaltely doing his artwork since age of 17 years.

Talha decided to turn his passion into a profession. And Talha have his shop in Saddar Market which is the source of income for him . Talha told us , œI learned this skill from my father .My passion is inherited from my father and hope that I am able to continue this family legacy. and his personal interest in art made him desirable.Talha doesn't want to leave it out because this artwork is the  passion for him, he added.

One of the beautiful painting at Talha's showcase wall.

Talha Javed attended many art exhibitions in his career and learn a lot of things about artworks and he tried to make his mirror art unique.Talha also requested to Government that there are many artists hiding in our country so Government should promote them into the field of art.

Talha's allover experience was very good in this field and he is satisfied with his work and he wished to travel across Karachi,to representing Pakistan by his art and want to become the best artist of Pakistan.

The writer and editor are BBA Student at IQRA UNIVERSITY

Zain Adnan (AUTHOR)

Muhammad Faraz (Co Author)

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