Attestation Of Marriage Certificate In Dubai

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Attestation of marriage certificates in Dubai, The UAE must approve the legalization of marriage in the applicant's home country. It is illegal for a couple to live together if they are not married, according to UAE law.

To complete the Attestation process, each of the steps listed must be completed. Seeking assistance from any attestation services in UAE can ensure that all attestation on your marriage certificate for use in UAE is completed.


The procedure for obtaining a marriage certificate varies from one country to the next.


The following provides an overview of the Attestation process.

1. Attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the home country - In order for a marriage certificate to be recognized internationally, it must be attested after notarization. Amy's authority for this process varies by country. The issuing country's ministry of external affairs is the apex body for authorizing.

2. Attestation from the UAE embassy - After receiving attestation from the ministry of in the applicant's home country, the documents are taken to the UAE embassy in the applicant's home country. The embassy's authorities certify the certificate after ensuring and verifying that it has been attested by all relevant authorities in the home country.

3. MOFA attestation for marriage certification in the UAE - As a final step, the ministry of foreign affairs will review and certify the documents. Before attesting the certificate, the ministry checks to see if it has been notarized and embossed in the issuing country.


UAE Marriage Certificate Attestation Special Conditions

Before submitting the documents for attestation, the applicant must ensure that the marriage certificates include the following information; otherwise, they will be deemed null and void:

1. The bride's and groom's names.

2. The age and marital status of both applicants

3. The wedding date and location

4. The bride's and groom's addresses

5. Identification of the witnesses

6. The name of the person or organization who performed the marriage ceremony.

7. Documents required for attestation of a marriage certificate

8. Original marriage certificate that must be attested

9. A government ID that shows the applicant's nationality and age.


The Importance of Marriage Certificate Attestation in Dubai

Some important reasons for obtaining a marriage certificate attestation are listed below.

1. A marriage certificate must be attested in order to obtain a family visa from the UAE.

2. This attestation is also required when applying for a dependent visa from the UAE.
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