Automating Your Sales Process With Zoho Crm Workflow Features

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Sales reps perform a lot of revenue-generating tasks every day. These include generating and qualifying leads, planning campaigns, selling, and setting appointments.

Some activities, however, don't generate revenue. Although they're important, they're also laborious and time-consuming, for instance, sending meeting invites and uploading contacts to CRM after prospecting.

Today, businesses adopt Zoho sales process automation features to eliminate such time-consuming tasks, and you can join the growing number. Keep reading to learn more about Zoho CRM for workflow automation.

What Is Workflow Automation in Zoho?

Firstly, what does CRM mean in sales? Simply put, it's a technology that helps sales reps in streamlining pipeline management. With a CRM, your sales reps can maintain a database of customer information, monitor and improve your pipeline, and ultimately boost sales and revenue. 

However, these are the basic functions of sales CRM. Improved CRM tools like Zoho can also automate some of the sales processes to increase productivity. This is known as workflow automation.

Zoho automation features help your sales and marketing teams focus on more enjoyable and productive tasks. It helps automate business processes and convert manual, repetitive, and monotonous tasks that take up time and leave room for human error into automated ones. 

Workflow automation in CRM boosts the productivity of your sales representatives by giving them a 360-degree view of every client and quickly tending to their needs to enhance customer satisfaction. 

CRM Automation Examples

Now that you know what Zoho CRM for business automation means, let's look closely at some Zoho CRM automation examples. 

1. Lead Generation from Social media and Websites

Zoho CRM has a customizable web form feature that you can add to your websites to collect information about people who visit your site. The pre-built web form safely captures and stores the lead and any vital information about the lead in the CRM. 

If you also engage with your customers via social media, you can set œSocial Automation Rules to instruct the CRM on the action a person must take to be added as a lead. For example, you can instruct the CRM to automatically add anyone who tags your brand on Instagram as a œlead.   

2. Lead Assignment to Sales Reps

Zoho also has a feature that helps you evenly assign leads to your sales reps. When you automate lead generation, you can set up œAssignment Rules to distribute the leads to the right sales reps.

There are three ways to assign leads automatically on Zoho CRM. The first method is the œround-robin method, where leads are distributed among the sales reps. The second method is selecting a record owner. In this case, all the leads generated go to the most instrumental sales rep.

Lastly, you can set up Zoho to assign leads by their source (web forms, social media, seminars, and others) to different reps.

3. Follow-Ups

Follow-up is necessary when you get new contacts or leads. Instead of sending emails manually to each lead, you can simply automate the process using the œWorkflow Rules feature on Zoho.

Additionally, your sales reps may not get the timing right for sending welcome emails. Any time wasted can push your leads to your competitors, giving them an edge over you. But when you use Zoho automation, all the work is done quickly and automatically.

How to Automate Your Business Processes with Zoho CRM

According to Zoho Creator, there are about six steps that teach you how to automate your business processes:

1. Identify the tasks that need automation. They are often repetitive and don't contribute to revenue generation.

2. Specify your needs.

3. Make a schematic of the processes that need automation.

4. Select the best workflow automation feature that suits your requirements.

5. Provide sufficient training on the software to stakeholders.

6. Customize your workflows to meet your business needs.

Zoho CRM for Workflow Automation

Zoho CRM is the key to a smarter, more efficient, and more productive workflow. To optimize Zoho automation, however, you should consult Zoho partners like Customerization. They have a team of experts that can train your team on the best workflow automation practices for businesses.

Try Zoho CRM and join the thousands of teams that have used this tool to automate business processes hitch-free. 

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    Automating your sales process with Zoho CRM can significantly enhance efficiency and streamline your workflow. Zoho CRM offers a range of automation features that help in managing leads, contacts, and deals more effectively. Regularly review and optimize your automated processes to ensure they align with your evolving business needs. Zoho CRM's user-friendly interface and extensive automation capabilities make it a powerful tool for enhancing your sales process efficiency and driving business growth.To learn more about Zoho CRM Automation, check it out here:

    Oct 24, 2023
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