Behavioral Disorders and Their Impact on Motorcycle Safety: A Review

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One of the extreme types of transportation that are thought to be a factor in traffic accidents is the motorcycle. Studies showed that compared to other forms of transportation, motorbikes account for a disproportionately high number of fatalities. 

Human behavior was mostly to blame for a significant portion of motorcycle accidents. Using literature analyses on elements of riding behaviors, this research aims to identify and analyze certain behavioral patterns of riders that impact motorcycle accidents.


The Angel of Death 

One of the vehicles that contribute most significantly to traffic accidents is the motorcycle. Compared to drivers of cars, motorcycle riders face a greater chance of colliding. The main cause of this is motorcycle riders' inherent vulnerability and the higher level of risks they are exposed to.

Motorcycles are to blame for 28% of all fatalities resulting from traffic accidents worldwide, and the numbers are rising every year.


Effects of Speeding on motorcycle safety

Speeding is a major contributor to problems with traffic injuries. Unsuitable or excessive speeding is a major risk factor for the majority of traffic crashes, fatalities, and injuries. Speeding too much seems to be a problem in every country.


Motorbike safety is impacted by visibility

As a result of a motorcycle's tiny size and reduced visibility compared to large vehicles, visibility is one of the main factors in motorcycle-related traffic accidents. Motorcycles aren't very visible. It was also realized that the size of the motorcycle has a big impact on conspicuity in this situation.

Humans use shape, size, motion, and color to distinguish between objects. If a motorcycle became a car, its face-on area would be 30–40% smaller. One of the main causes of powered two-wheeler (PTW) accidents is their lack of visibility.


Fatigue's Effect on motorcycle safety and its effect on Alertness

An important contributing factor to traffic accidents is driver weariness and drowsiness. Most people believe that driving while intoxicated is a major contributor to accidents, but being sleepy behind the wheel can be just as deadly as being intoxicated. Also, it impairs alertness, concentration, and vigilance in such a way that it weakens the ability to drive, reduces awareness, impairs judgment, and raises the chance of an accident. Instead of reckless or drunk driving, fatigue-related traffic accidents are more dangerous and lethal.


Human behavior- the cause of many accidents

95% of traffic accidents are caused by human behavior, according to a previous study. Additionally, human error is a crucial factor in the majority of motorcycle accidents. In other words, human error refers to behaviors of the riders, such as speeding, intoxication from alcohol, exhaustion, drowsiness, and attention span issues. It also refers to the use of drugs and medications.

Making the following suggestions can make a motorcycle more visible:

- Size Expansion

- Usage of bolder colors

- Daytime running lights

Since they allow light to be reflected or emitted around an item, fluorescence, and vivid colors are found to increase object visibility. The reflective qualities of a motorcycle and the background they are seen against also affect its visibility. At night, one can hardly perceive color. It is generally acknowledged that fluorescence, in the white, yellow, and red colors, as well as all three colors together, will increase motorcycle visibility.


Cautious steps riders must take

Riders must make sure they are riding safely, protecting not only themselves but also the people around them, This starts on the level of access that gives these riders the permission to ride- the motorcycle theory test. Riders must wear helmets, make sure their mirrors are set well, and make sure their motorcycle is well updated and maintained.



The majority of fatalities from traffic accidents are caused by motorcycles. Irresponsibility such as unsuitable or excessive speeding are major risk factors for the majority of traffic crashes, fatalities, and injuries; visibility is also one of the key elements in motorcycle-related traffic incidents because of the motorcycle's small size and decreased visibility in comparison to large vehicles; instead of reckless or drunk driving, fatigue-related traffic accidents are more dangerous and lethal. 

According to research, lifestyle has a big impact on how risky the conduct and engagement of motorbike riders are in traffic accidents.

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