Behind the Scenes of Creating Liturgical Vestments

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One of the most important elements of the church is the liturgy, which is accompanied by not only spiritual value, but also dedicated decorative elements and accessories. In current times many people are looking for high quality robes, tablecloths, stoles or other accessories that highlight the celebration and magnificence of each Mass. The top offer in this industry is our company, whose aim is to provide highest quality materials, fulfilling the expectations of clergy and parishes worldwide.


Passion for liturgy and tradition

Our company is primarily a respect for the wealth of Catholic liturgical tradition. Dedication and passion for embroidery translate into our products, which are original in terms of craftsmanship, professional embroidery and attention to detail. Every element of embroidered liturgical robes, chasubles, altar linens, and accessories is reliably made, thus considering the traditions and rites of the church. Our precision have been recognized by most important circumstances such as World Youth Days and World Meeting of Families in Dublin with Pope Francis, and also numerous settings of smaller and larger events.


Unique design

Carefully verify new trends in the field of liturgical design, yet always consider respect for the classic. Our collections retain simultaneously classic patterns, which have been preferred for many years, and innovative interpretations, which fit into today's context. Thereby our customers have the option to choose a wide range of styles, which ideally reflect the character every liturgy. In our collection you can choose liturgical robes and accessories for every church ceremony.


Quality, you can rely on

Our task is to provide products of best quality. We only use the best materials to guarantee durability and practicality. The tiniest element, from embroideries to embellishments, is precisely made by talented workers, having skill in producing liturgical robes and accessories.


Individual approach

We realize that customers have unique preferences and needs. For this reason, we encourage you to use the service of customizing our products. We have the possibility to choose personalization of many modes. During personalization, we offer help and professional service based on 30 years of experience in developing chasubles, albs, altar linen and other products required for performing liturgy during beatifications, conferences, synods, jubilees.

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