Benefits Of Using Animated Video Ads To Enhance Marketing

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In this digital era, we have seen a significant increase in animated commercials for digital media. Nowadays, internet users prefer to watch visual ads. YouTube is one of the leading online video streaming platforms. When we talk about advertising, 68% of YouTube users are advertisers. It shows video advertising has become a most effective tool for marketers. These video ads have a short duration; that is why their production cost is affordable for businesses. Animated video has revolutionized digital media because small companies can also leverage their marketing by using it in their advertising. When animated video ads were not common, only large companies used various conventional marketing tools to enhance their marketing. In recent years motion graphics and animation have gained immense popularity in the marketing world.

Here in this blog, we will discuss the benefits of animated video ads and how you can use them in your marketing strategy.

It made Storytelling Easy for Businesses

The storytelling method will let viewers quickly understand any product, service, or idea. It is one of the most valuable benefits of animated video advertising. It allows marketers to use storytelling techniques and engagingly convey the message. Animated video advertising can be in the form of product videos, explainer videos, etc.

The storytelling in animated video ads influences consumer buying behaviour. The digital world is changing rapidly; that is why marketers create short-duration animated video ads and to the point as possible. However, the ideal time for an animated commercial video is 15 to 20 seconds. Marketers should try to grab the audience's attention in this short span. You might be wondering about the 30-seconds commercial video cost. The cost of thirty-second commercial varies between $100 to $1000.


It Builds your Brand Identity

It is difficult for marketers to create a unique brand identity, which takes some time. Nowadays, every business does its marketing on digital media. So, for marketers, it is essential to focus on how your brand is different from competitors.

Most businesses use animated video marketing to connect with the audience and build a brand identity. You can highlight your brand's element using an animated video or gif. Emphasize colours and logos to educate customers about your brand.


It Reduces Marketing Cost

The best thing about animated video advertising is that it is cost-effective. When we talk about conventional advertising, it is too expensive due to the involvement of actors, film crew, production, location, post-production, and production.

However, in animated video ads, there is no need for actors, crew, etc. It only involves the cost of hiring an animation agency and the production tools they use for video creation. Moreover, the process of animated video production is faster and easy, which reduces the cost.

Animated videos create a Long-lasting impact on Viewers

Most businesses use animated video advertising to enhance their marketing campaigns. Animated video ads allow marketers to present the content uniquely, which is easy to understand and memorize and create an association with the band. Moreover, the format of the content is ideal; you can use these ads on various platforms such as posters, TV, social media platforms, websites, mobile applications, and blogs. It is why animated video advertising is considered one of the best ways of marketing.

Hire BuzzFlick video animation agency they are offering 3D animation services. They have created the best-animated videos for their clients. You can use 3D animation in your video to attract viewers.


Leverage your Brand's Communication

The best thing about social media platforms is that they allow businesses to communicate effectively with audiences. When discussing conventional marketing tools like TV advertisements, you cannot know viewers' feedback about an ad. However, feedback is essential and helps companies plan their marketing strategy. In social media marketing, you can click and check the audience feedback in the comments section.

Marketers can instantly analyse animated video ads' impact by checking the audience's interaction with the company. It allows you to build a strong connection with the audience. Animated video ads are highly versatile and significantly impact viewers' minds. It creates your brand image, and the audience feels part of it. Animated video advertisements influence consumer decision-making and build their interest in your products or services.

You might be wondering about the animated video cost. Most animation video agencies create a 90-second videos with prices ranging from $10,000 to $15,000.


Showcase your Audience about the Key Features of your Product

You can use animated video ads to highlight the experiences to the customers. Marketers use animated videos to convey to the potential audience the benefits of using your products or services. You can use humour and fun in your storytelling. An animated video advertisement helps businesses to increase their customer base and connect the audience with the company. Animation has become a hot trend, and advertising is colourless without it. That is why organizations opt for video animation instead of conventional marketing tools. It gives countless benefits to businesses, enhances brand communication, and boosts their sales and revenue.

Moreover, it is easy to create an animated video that grabs the viewers' attention. All you need is to know the right tool to create an engaging video or outsource your project to a professional video animation agency.


Closing Remarks

As digital media is growing fast, it provides opportunities for businesses to use various tools to grab audience attention. However, the competition is increasing between companies, making the marketers' jobs challenging. They need to think out of the box and introduce unique ideas to enhance their marketing.

It made marketers' job more challenging. You are not the only one spending budgets on marketing; your competitors are also working to influence customers. In today's date, customers are overrun with various sales promotional messages, and the attention span of viewers is getting shorter.

That is why most marketers use animated video commercials to enrich their marketing activities. It helps in highlighting the benefits of using your product or service. It also allows you to retain your existing customer base and make them loyal customers. So, if you are not using animated videos, you miss the opportunity to tap a new market segment.

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