09 best free-to-play Android games for 2023

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Play Store is flooded with free Android games and finding the right one which is worth your time is a great challenge. To help you not download an unworthy game that only eats space on your phone, we have dug out the best of the best free-to-play Android games from the market. Each option on our list offers fun and challenges your inner gamer just the way you want it. Let's dive in!

Free Android games don't have a good reputation among players. The flash of troublesome ads, constant nagging for money, and other types of pop-ups on the screen when you actually start enjoying the game is beyond frustrating.

Some free games are overly emphasized to grab money from players and the rest offers poor quality. However, good gaming is possible without spending money or getting troubled in the middle of an exciting level.

We understand the likes and dislikes of all kinds of gamers. So, we have curated a list of free Android games that offer nothing but the right amount of fun and challenge that every gamer seeks. Let's explore them!


09 free Android games that are worth your time

Games greatly help people to kill time when they are bored, travel far, or avoid listening to music on the journey. Since every game that you download doesn't offer the right balance of challenge, simplicity, number of ads, and other things. So, here is the list of the best free Android games that are worth space on your smartphone.


1.   AnimA ARPG (Action RPG)

AnimA ARPG is one of the best action games in the market right now. This is an amazing 3D-action RPG game with impressive graphics and comprises tough stages for players. You can start playing this game as Magician, Warrior, or Archer. In the dark fantasy world, you keep playing and mastering the levels as an adventurer. You will explore various types of monster-infested chambers in different stages. 

The gaming control depends on how you use the simulated joystick on the left side. You can elevate your game character as you progress in the game. Using the action button you can control other vital things in the game that help you master the levels.  Like most RPGs game, AnimA ARPG begins with low-quality equipment at the first level.

As you keep progressing and slaughtering monsters, killing enemies, and undead creatures, you earn weapons, coins, armor, and much more. You keep improving your skills and character stats with each level you clear.


2.   Sky: Children of the Light

Developed by Thatgamecompany which is renowned for its peculiar game range has another best adventure treat for the players. Sky: Children of the Light is a game that can be enjoyed by both adults as well as kids. Players can enjoy this game with their respective teams while exploring the fantasy world together. However, emojis are only the communication options within your team which can be fun.

The graphics of this game is quite detailed and attractive. The story and events in this game are evolving and very interesting. Your goal in this game is to take back the fallen stars to their corresponding constellation. The right thumb is used to control the camera and for moving the character players can use their left thumb.

As you progress in the level, you acquire new skills and gestures in the game. You find hidden treasures and take part in special adventures with children of light. The best part is, players can enjoy this game from anywhere that too absolutely free of cost.


3.   Rocket League Sideswipe

Rocket League Sideswipe is one of the most spectacular and popular e-sports games on Android. You can easily join a team or create your own in this game to master different levels together. Plus, you can customize cars in your garage. The graphics are impressive and offers an equal amount of excitement as PC and consoles.

The more levels you master, the greater you will be rewarded with numerous decorative items and equipment to customize your car and enhance its look. It offers simple control in the game to move the vehicle according to your preference. The best part of this game is, you can enjoy its level absolutely free of cost.


4.   The Impossible Game 2

The Impossible Game 2 is one of the best free Android games that is worth a download. In this game, you get to challenge 60 opponents to be on the top. The navigation is quite simple in obstacle-filled game stages. However, each level of the game is incredibly challenging to conquer which makes it highly addictive.

As you keep conquering various game stages, you become trained and ready to fight against other top opponents around the world. The graphics are outstanding along with a striking background score that takes the gaming to the next level.  There are over 20 new levels along with an array of gameplay mechanics like guns, portals, jetpacks, and more.


5.   Brawlhalla

Brawlhalla is another best free Android games in the market right now that can be played in single as well as multiplayer modes. Players can join the battle arena and brawl with top warriors to prove who is the best in the lot. In this game, you can fight with enemies solely or team up with your friends on different levels.

There are many casual matches where only 4 players can enter with equal skills, out of which only 1 becomes the winner. Players can also practice and polish their gaming skills in the Training Room in this game.  You can analyze the hitboxes, frame data, and hurtboxes, and refine your game skills accordingly. There are many game modes to choose from like Brawlball, Kung-Foot, Capture the Flag, Bomsketball, and much more.


6.   My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge

My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge is one of the best free 2D action Android games today. In this game, you help Pedro (friendly banana) to look for his wife and children who are kidnapped. To do this successfully, you need to master complicated levels where gangsters are waiting to kill you in the expedition.

With a simple thumb slide, you can make Pedro jump. You get complete control of this mysterious character in this game. Each game levels last from 20 seconds to 1 minute. The difficulty tends to increase as you keep progressing in the game because you keep discovering new enemies at each level. You try shooting them through glass, bullets, etc. You can test your skills in different modes and help Pedro in the game.


7.   Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the best action games for Android that become increasingly popular after its release back in October 2019. From multiplayer maps/modes, zombies action, and sniper vs. sniper battles to 100-player battle royale background, you get everything in this game.

This game comprises a bunch of levels that match every player's skills. You can unlock new weapons, maps, skills, and other rewards as keep mastering the levels. Also, players can easily connect with their friends on the battlefield which takes the whole gaming experience to another level. Moreover, you have the complete flexibility to opt for this feature or not.


8.   Shadow Fight 3

Developed by Banzai. Games and sequel to Shadow Fight 2, this game offers life-like 3-dimensional characters in an impressively animated 3D world. The presence of incredible action moves makes this game one of the best action games to download on your mobile.

In this game, you will fight like a hero after learning different fighting styles. Once you master it, you keep collecting the rewards, weapons and challenge the strongest warriors in the game. There are 3 clans, 3 fighting styles, and 3 world views, it is up to you which you would like to join.

This game comprises action-packed brawls with different fighters. Shadow Fight 3 takes the players into an exciting world of adventure where they compete like a hero as a Samurai, Ninja, or Knight.


9.   Cats & Soup

Cats & Soup is one of the most popular free Android games in the market today. In this game, cats make a delicious soup in the forest, you need to collect kitties to accumulate as many coins as possible. This game rewards its players with multiple cute rewards daily.

This game is one of its kind, each cat breed is distinct and you can dress them with various accessories, hats, and clothes. The more you feed kitties with fish, the more you receive hearts. This game is a great stress booster and has a very soothing background sound.


Wrapping Up

Whether you are looking for action or like playing simple idle games, our handpicked list includes the best of the best. You can choose any or all depending on your mood.

Now pick any and replace boredom with excitement and a fun-filled gaming session!

Enjoy your game and thanks for reading!

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