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Step into the exciting world of virtual adventures and social connections! When your Zoom calls become the hub of your social life, it's time to inject some pizzazz and entertainment into the mix. Fear not, for I bring you a trove of thrilling games that will transform your Zoom gatherings into epic realms of joy and camaraderie. Brace yourself as we embark on a journey through the eight best games to play on Zoom with your beloved friends and family.



Unleash your inner thespian and break the barriers of social distancing! Charades, an unconventional choice for virtual revelry, rises to the occasion magnificently. Gather your teams and conjure up a list of words, phrases, movies, or anything your creative minds can devise. With your device perched on a table, engage in spirited acting while your teammates strive to decipher your silent clues. The Zoom host can spotlight the actor, ensuring everyone can witness the hilarious performances. Cheers with drinks for the adults as the energy escalates, and points rack up in the quest for victory!



Prepare for artistic brilliance and laughter galore as Pictionary takes on a digital twist. Zoom offers magical features to facilitate an exhilarating virtual drawing experience. With a shared whiteboard, everyone can witness your artistic prowess. Each player taps into their drawing palette, equipped with a vibrant array of colors and brush sizes. Take turns illustrating clues while your team eagerly attempts to crack the code. Erase with a simple click, unleashing boundless creativity. Score points for each correct guess, and let the team with the most points revel in triumph!


Board Games:

Your beloved board games can transcend physical boundaries and thrive on Zoom's virtual playground. Without the need to share a single board, each player can set up their personal game space. Whether it's Battleship, Scattergories, or Guess Who, a myriad of classics awaits your enthusiastic engagement. For larger groups, turn your Zoom call into a spirited game night with party favorites like Outburst. Unite in teams, exercise your guessing prowess, and let the video grid come alive with fervor. Oh, and for the strategic enthusiasts, a new level of intensity awaits as players mimic moves across their individual game boards.



Embrace your inner diva or rock star and let Zoom become your karaoke stage! With a treasure trove of YouTube karaoke videos at your disposal, the possibilities are endless. Share your screen with your fellow vocalists and unleash your passion for song. From beloved classics to trending hits, sing your heart out, and let the virtual audience roar with applause. It's your chance to shine, no matter the quality of your singing voice. Belt it out, dance like no one's watching, and revel in the harmonious energy of a digital karaoke extravaganza!


Online Escape Rooms:

Prepare to immerse yourself in mind-bending puzzles and thrilling adventures without ever leaving your seat. Virtual escape rooms have emerged as a phenomenon, offering captivating challenges for groups of friends, family, or coworkers. Whether competing against each other or collaborating as a team, the virtual realms of escape rooms provide hours of exhilaration. Explore the plethora of options available and find yourself transported to a world of mystery and intrigue.


Trivia Games:

The time-honored tradition of bar trivia finds a new home on Zoom, where knowledge reigns supreme. Gather your comrades and revel in the joy of trivia games that require no physical pieces. With trivia cards from classics like Trivial Pursuit or the assistance of random trivia generators, challenge your wits and soak in the excitement. Unearth nuggets of information, engage in friendly rivalries, and let the virtual realm witness your intellectual prowess.


Cards Against Humanity:

Delve into the realm of twisted humor and absurd combinations with the irreverent game, Cards Against Humanity. In this game of fill-in-the-blank statements, laughter knows no bounds. Each player holds their own deck, drawing from the vast collection of cards. Hilarity ensues as everyone concocts their unique and side-splitting combinations. Let Zoom bear witness to the hilarity, ensuring an unforgettable experience that pushes the boundaries of laughter.


Happy Hours With Zoom Games:

While physical happy hours may be temporarily suspended, "zappy hours" burst forth as a delightful alternative. Gather your friends for a combination of Zoom and happy, and watch the fun unfold. Classic drinking games like Never Have I Ever and Think While You Drink become virtual wonders. Share stories, take sips, and revel in the company of your cherished companions. Imbibe with caution and unleash the mirth-filled camaraderie that transcends physical distance.

So, my adventurous friend, take these suggestions to heart and infuse your Zoom calls with an explosion of excitement and fun. May the virtual realms become a haven of shared joy, where memories are made, and laughter resounds through the digital cosmos.

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